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  1. Happy New Year 2019!
  2. Merry Christmas 2018!
  3. Happy Halloween!
  4. It's mah birthday
  5. Today a wonderful (also very cute, handsome, sweet and all the good things on the world)person was born, and it's my precious friend.<3
  6. Happy birthday Checkmate
  7. Delayed Happy Birthday to me
  8. Happy New Year 2018!
  9. Merry Christmas 2017!
  10. Happy Halloween 2017!
  11. Happy B'day Lucy (Umbra Mortis)^_^!!!
  12. Happy Birthday
  13. Happy Worlds Women's Day :)
  14. Happy B'day Infa (and to other people, where it had already...)^_^!
  15. Happy B'day Checky (Checkmate)^_^!
  16. Happy mad B'day Kyoudai (MadSova)^_^
  17. Happy Lunar New Year 2017
  18. Happy New Year, 2017^_^!!!
  19. Happy B'day Coro (Corocoro)^_^!
  20. Happy B'day WsE^_^!
  21. Happy X-mas ASF^_^!!!
  22. Happy B'day Decal (Decalcomania)!!! (Last part)
  23. Happy B'day TKos (T-elos)!!! (Part 1)
  24. Happy B'day Gwee (AhGwee)!!!
  25. Happy B'day Hide (Hideki)!!!
  26. Happy B'day my beloved dear, K-chan (|♚| KK |♚|)~!!!
  27. Happy~Happy~B'day D'angel (Dark Angel)~!!!
  28. ~!Happy Birthday Gama-chan!~
  29. Happy Birthday Velenora!
  30. Your birthday comes around again, dearest ojou sama~
  31. Happy B'day Raly (Ralium)!!!
  32. Happy B'day Shin (Shinseph)
  33. Happy B'day SB (Selvaria Bles/Kos-Mos)!
  34. Happy Birthday Jezebel! ♥
  35. Happy Birthday Dawn-chan! <3
  36. Happy Birthday Ringo Starr!
  37. Happy B'day Unown (unownhgss)^_^!
  38. Happy birthday Aoikami!!!!!!!!
  39. Happy B'day Final (FinalPyre)^_^!
  40. Happy Birthday Monmonpon!~
  41. Happy B'day Nanashi1 (A Bro Till The End)
  42. Happy B'day Cre (Chocola)!
  43. Happy B'day Arylin (and to other, where their day already had in Feb.)!!!
  44. Happy Valentines to everyone~!*psst,free chocolate*
  45. Happy B'day Checky - The king of Imoutoland...xD!
  46. Well, Happy B'day Coro and WsE (and to the other members, where in Dec. his/her special day having/had)!
  47. Merry Christmas 2015
  48. Wishing ASF a Merry Chrustmas!!
  49. Halloween is here!
  50. Well, happy B'day ASF-chan!!!
  51. Happy Belated Birthday Ojou sama~
  52. Fast, before still Sep. passes (but at Pichu is it nevertheless too late...:deadsad:)...
  53. An actual, and an delayed B'day...
  54. Well, the last summer B'day: Happy B'day Raly (Ralium)!
  55. Well, the B'day series rolls and rolls... - And this times at Shin (Shinseph): Happy B'day Shin!!!
  56. The next please. Happy B'day Ignis!!!
  57. Happy B'day SB (Kos-Mos)!
  58. Happy B'day Unown-kun (unownhgss)!!!
  60. Happy Birthday Cocona ;)
  61. White Valentine 2015
  62. Happy birthday Nashi
  63. Happy Lunar New Year 2015
  64. Happy Birthday Checkmate
  65. Happy New Year ASF!!!
  66. Last min. party before still the year ends.
  67. Happy B'day Coro (Corocoro), and you also a Happy B'day WsE^_^!
  68. Happy Holidays 2014
  69. Happy Xmas 2014 for the whole ASF people!!!
  70. Happy Thanksgiving!
  71. Happy 3rd Birthday Renano dear.
  72. (`・ω・´)ゞ HAPPY BIRTHDAY IGGY-SAMA! (`・ω・´)ゞ
  73. Happy Easter!
  74. High Quality Imouto for Sales
  75. Happy Sakura
  76. Happy Birthday Franki, Sammy and + Monjster 2nd
  77. Happy B-Day Checkmate!
  78. Thank you the community members for a B-day send!! ^^
  79. Happy Lunar New Year 2014
  80. Well, a another year has you catched Anti^^!
  81. Well, happy Bday Inori-chan!!!
  83. A "little" event between the two Eves^^!
  84. Happy Holidays 2013
  85. A currently Bday and a missed Bday.
  86. Christmas and Happy New Year wishes
  87. Well, collected events^^!!!
  88. Well, a year goes, but on this empty place goes a new year: Happy birthday Gwee (AhGwee)!!!
  89. 1+1=Bday-party
  90. Happy Birthday Ojou Sama~ x3
  91. 2 x cake, 2 x foods, 2 x drinks, 2 x craziness and 2 x FUN...!!!
  92. To 100.000th. anniversary, g'gratulation, SAMY....!!!
  93. Happy birthday to your Xth. Second (Second_flight)...!!!
  95. Unownくん、お誕生日おめでとうでござる!!!/Happy bday Unown-kun!!!
  96. Another bday the Xth. Well, happy bday to your 21th, Final (FinalPrye)^^/!!!
  97. A mini bday for our member selgon1234: Happy bday...!!!
  98. Well, a small bday celebration guys (I know what I at the earlier said have, but...)... Happy bday Lucifer Angel^^/!!!
  99. Well, again a bday-thread, but the last for a long time... Anyway, happy bday Ushio (~SnowAngel~)!!!
  100. Let's start... Happy birthday Darky!!!
  101. The last bday from this month.... Happ birthday Neko!!!
  102. Happy birthday legendary pervert knight Zero2DS. D=
  103. A endless bday season, not?˘:) ...Anyway, happy birthday Slayn312!!!
  104. Another Happy Birthday?! To Nanashi1~
  105. Happy birthday Hanako!!!
  106. Happy Birthday Dear Infamous!~
  107. Happy Birthday Monj~
  108. Happy Birthday Franki and Sammy
  109. Happy birthday Checkmate
  110. Happy birthday to your 24th Anti!!!
  111. Happy New Year 2013 [Contest] [End]
  112. Happy Birthday to corocoro
  113. Happy Birthday to WsE!
  114. Happy Birthday Decalcomania!
  115. Happy birthday to your 21st. Decalcomania...~!!!
  116. Happy birthday to your 19th., Hideki~!!!
  117. Happy birthday ASF to your 2th. !!!
  118. Happy Birthday, renano.
  119. Happy Birthday to Ignis~
  120. ASL - The Last Treaty [IMPORTANT]
  121. Happy Birthday to Zero2DS!
  122. Happy Birthday to Checkmate!
  123. Happy New Year 2012
  124. AS Birthday: One Year and Going Strong!
  125. Happy Birthday to Checkmate~!
  126. Happy New Year 2011~