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  1. Luckydog1+bad egg discussion [potential spoilers]
  2. looking for someone to crack Tlicolity Eyes Vol.2
  3. Shiro to kuni no Alice Ps Vita translation project (translators needed)
  4. Hentai
  5. Spreadsheet for otome games
  6. Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition English Fan Translation Project! We need you!
  7. Help Hakuouki Walkthrough
  8. Sangoku otome games or manga?
  9. BL manga recommendation?
  10. any good game recommendation?
  11. [English translated] CollarxMalice unlimited animate limited drama CD fanmade video - I'm him and he's a cat!
  12. Mineo Enomoto's mini drama cd animated fanmade video~
  13. If you could turn any anime/manga into an Otome game such...
  14. Otome H-Anime's
  15. CollarxMalice unlimited translation project! J-E translator please apply!
  16. Otome PS Vita games co-purchasing
  17. Looking for otome games recommendations
  18. What faborite game do you like?
  19. Otome Games or Shoujo Manga recommendations?
  20. Where's this from?
  21. What type of otome games do you guys prefer?
  22. list of downloads for games in a google drive spreadsheet?
  23. !!!JOIN NOW!!! Otome games co-purchase
  24. Area-X extra Gallery DLC
  25. Any member in BL site?
  26. To Trust an Incubus English Yaoi/BL Demo Game
  27. Demo for Yaoi Game Adult NSFW
  28. good website for otome games?
  29. Need recommendation on ENG otome games!
  30. Come join our PS Vita otome games sharing group on FB :-D
  31. Diabolik Lovers: Dark Bridal [Eng Patch]
  32. I've Dropped Out Of The Piracy Gig.
  33. NEW to Otome Game [Dandelion - Wishes brought to you]
  34. Supporting otome games -English-
  35. I want to translate otome games ... help?
  36. Japanese-English translators for Gakuen Tokkyuu Hotokenser needed
  37. Last Hana Awase Out On Time?
  38. →Blackish House [Discussion Thread]
  39. WIP Yandere Otome Game
  40. Buy used otome games for PS Vita 3500-4000 yen for game
  41. Otome Games × Rhythm Games
  42. R.F.A Headquarters - Mystic Messenger [Discussion Thread]
  43. [IPad/IPhone] Otome games
  44. ✿Otome Game Walkthroughs✿
  45. ~~~GAME HAUL~~~ (⌃ ◕ w ◕ ⌃=)◡ ←[It's a cat.]
  46. PSP Vita Otome Talk
  47. ❣ Game Haul ❣
  48. Support Beast Master and Prince translation project on kickstarter !!!
  49. ❣ Otome Drama CD News ❣
  50. Share games or Otome news here! :D
  51. Your top ten otome men?
  52. Dandelion -Wishes Brought to You- Updated Version?
  53. Otome games for beginner learners of Japanese?
  54. Super Lovers gets an anime!! [BL Manga]
  55. QuinRose ends !!
  56. I can't install any of the Rejet games
  57. Walkthrough for yoshiwara higanbana ?
  59. Yoshiwara Higanbana [R18+]
  60. Rejet save data folder?
  61. 好きな乙女ゲームは何ですか?
  62. Something that might be useful to the community at large
  63. How do you feel about official non-otome media getting otome game adaptations?
  64. My favourite CG's
  65. [English] Seven Kingdoms The Princess Problem
  66. All things Hakuoki~ xD
  67. Help for PC otome game
  68. Zettai Meikyuu - Himitsu No Oyayubi Hime - 絶対迷宮 秘密のおやゆび姫
  69. Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen ~Eden with roses and phantasm~ Discussion
  70. Android/ios Otome Games
  71. [Android] Otome games
  72. Post a picture of your favourite Otome game/BL male character and a reaction to it. XD
  73. Asking how to buy Otomate Party ticket..
  74. Any suggestions? :)
  75. Any suggestion for English OTOME games?
  76. Amnesia: Memories
  77. How many otome game fans actually care about narrative quality?
  78. Dandelion VS Nameless. Which Cheritz visual novel did you like better?
  79. Otome Games with Customization?!
  80. Do you play Touken Ranbu (刀剣乱舞)?
  81. Otome Corner #3: The month of love
  82. Otome Game Suggestion Thread
  83. Want an otome game to be licensed in English?
  84. [2015]Otome game release
  85. DYNAMIC CHORD feat. [rēve parfait] Discussion Thread
  86. Other Age Second Ecounter guide
  87. Levelling Issues on Kin'iro no Corda~ Another Sky feat. (Shiseikan, Amano, etc)
  88. A puzzle for you curtesy of Rejet's ... lack of originality?
  89. NORN9 ~ノルン+ノネット~ Discussion Thread
  90. PrincessNightmare (プリンセス・ナイトメア) Discussion Thread
  91. Otoge artists
  92. Hakuoki order?
  93. Best Quinrose Game
  94. Boyfriend (kari)
  95. Funny Otome/BL game (moments/quotes/screenshots)
  96. General Otome Game Discussions
  97. Bad Medicine -Infectious Teachers- Discussion Thread
  98. Ayakashi Gohan (あやかしごはん) Discussion Thread
  99. Otome Corner #2: Pink is for girls.
  100. Are Otome Games popular in your area?
  101. ALICE=ALICE Discussion
  102. Non-Japanese otome games discussion
  103. What kind guy you like in Otome games?
  104. Would you like a new game of Tokimeki Girl´s Side?
  105. [2014][8/9] Otome/BL game news and releases
  106. Do you know the doujinshi?(Otome Game)
  107. Hello I'm Moderator. Ask me anything!
  108. Bias Seiyuu
  109. Coming brand new otome games concept
  110. What's your very first Otome game?
  111. What Otome/BL game are you currently playing right now?
  112. Help needed for otome translation projects
  113. Do you watch the animes of otome games?
  114. What heroine likes it in Otome Game?
  115. Otome or BL which is better
  116. Otome News Site?
  117. what's your ideal Otome Game ?
  118. Do you want to participate in the events of the otome game ?
  119. Yuri routes in otome games?
  120. Otome Games Spin-Off?
  121. Hey, let's start off with a small question ^^
  122. New Otome game titles are on PSVITA. How do you feel about this?
  123. [SOLVED]Help with Chronostacia?
  124. [SOLVED]I'm desperate, how to install games?
  125. PC Otome Games like Brothers Conflict
  126. Hana Awase Himeutsugi-hen - Poems
  127. Reject 2014 new games
  128. Koishite Marshmallow ~ Help? ~
  129. A more improved version of Solomon's Ring?
  130. [Happy new year!]Honeybee 2014 new projects LOL
  131. Happy New Year!
  132. B's-LOG January
  133. Otome/BL Game release list
  134. Otome Guy Favorites
  135. Help with PSP otome games
  137. December 2013 otome games Release dates (psp)
  138. Otome Game release list
  139. Best English Otome Games?
  140. easy japanese psp otome game???
  141. Ozmafia Gameplay
  142. Why I Like Otome Games
  143. Otome games?