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  1. [Uncensor] [ILLUSION] Koikatu! / Koikatsu! (コイカツ!) Lesbian
  2. [Uncensor] [ILLUSION] Koikatu! / Koikatsu! (コイカツ!) Futanari Relaunch/Redux
  3. [Uncensor] [ILLUSION] Koikatu! / Koikatsu! (コイカツ!) Full Uncensor Relaunch/Redux
  4. [Translation] Fuukan no Grasesta / 封緘のグラセスタ Full English Machine Translation
  5. [Translation] Fuukan no Grasesta / 封緘のグラセスタ English Interface Translation
  6. [Clothing] [CM3D2] Krika and Sonia from Shining Resonance
  7. [Misc] Help with CM3D2 blender!
  8. [Texture] [REQUEST-UPLOAD] HEXACC Texture Collection v5.0
  9. [Utility] [PlayHomeTrial] HomeShot (a screenshot plugin)
  10. [Translation] [Requests?] Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! ~We've Been Waiting for You~
  11. [Clothing] Torn Pantyhose Undress Mod
  12. [Translation] (Miconisomi) Love Raper ! Maki UI Translation
  13. [Utility] CM3D2 Batch Installer
  14. [Hair] Requesting Coiffure 1.41 pack link for Honey Select
  15. [Utility] 3d rendering program
  16. [Clothing] Requesting more mini/micro skirts!
  17. [Uncensor] mods requets IW and PPD.
  18. [Misc] [JAST USA/Nitroplus] Sonicomi - Voice Pack and other enhancements
  19. [Clothing] [Request] Shining Resonance "Kirika" Mod (owner already remove his file and twitter)
  20. [Illusion] PPD/PSP Mod - White Passion
  21. [Illusion] Sexy Beach Premium Resort (Sexyビーチ プレミアムリゾート) Mod Release Thread
  22. [Request] Sakura Dungeon Modified Saves.
  23. [Utility] UI Translation Loader + Translations
  24. Mod for CM3D2 Pose and multiple maid
  25. TOKYOショタストリ Walkthrough/Guide
  26. Minna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchou (Original 4.2 GBs version)
  27. [illusion][AA2] underwear styles mod
  28. [Illusion][AA2] Ryuuko hair request.
  29. 10th yeargame モルダヴァイト 初回限定版
  30. [Mod Release Thread](Illusion) Artificial Academy 2
  31. (Illusion) Real Play
  32. Rules when releasing/submitting a mod
  33. [Illusion] PPD/PSP Mod Release Thread
  34. [REAL] Itazura Gakuen
  35. [Illusion][AA] Artificial Academy Mod Release Thread
  36. (Illusion) Immoral Ward
  37. [Illusion][AG3] Artificial Girl 3 Request Thread
  38. [Illusion][AG3] Artificial Girl Mod Release Thread
  39. [Illusion][AG3] Artificial Girl 3 Character and Clothing Upload Thread
  40. [Utility] SB3Utility (GUI + Script) Releases and Support Discussion
  41. [Patch] HF patches