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  1. [PC] Crimson Spires
  2. [PC] [REQUEST] Luna Bud~月亮的女兒
  3. [PC] My Otome Life
  4. [PC] [REQUEST] A Foretold Affair
  5. [PC] Best Friend Forever
  6. [PC] [Request] Never give up!
  7. [Misc] [REQUEST] Confining Marriage~Tragedy~ | 監禁婚~秘劇~
  8. [PC] [REQUEST] Club Suicide
  9. [Console] [REQUEST][Switch] Dear Magi -Mahou Shounen Gakka- DLCs
  10. [Console] [REQUEST] Hakuouki: Junsouroku (薄桜鬼 巡想録)
  11. [PC] [REQUEST] [BL] [18+] Shuugyou Ryokou ~Koto Meisou Chizu~ 修業旅行~古都迷走地図~
  12. [PC] [REQUEST] I'm a love interest in My Childhood Friend's Reverse Harem!!!
  13. [PC] [Request]Lkyt.[BL+18]
  14. [Misc] Drama CD Request
  15. [Artbook] Voices from the Sea - Mini Artbook
  16. [Misc] [REQUEST] Utsusemi no Meguri 空蝉の廻 Original Soundtrack CD
  17. [Artbook] Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari
  18. [PC] [REQUEST] [+18] Les Grande Odalisque グラン・オダリスク Kalmia8
  19. [PC] [REQUEST] Mystic Destinies: Echoes (Early Access)
  20. [PC] [REQUEST] Kataomoi Contrast | 片恋いコントラスト ―way of parting― Volume 3
  21. [PC] Adabana Odd Tales
  22. [PC] [REQUEST] [BL] GAME [18+] Shinka no Yachou - 心火の夜寵
  23. [Console] [PS VITA]Hakuouki
  24. [PC] [REQUEST] [BL] [18+] powdergray パウダーグレイ
  25. [PC] [PC] [REQUEST] Across the Grooves
  26. [Misc] [REQUEST][18+]DK Takuma Asakura Violated Nightly by Invisible Girl (English/Chinese Version)
  27. [PC] [REQUEST] In Blood
  28. [PC] [REQUEST][18+][Otome, BL] Lingering
  29. [PC] [REQUEST][BL][18+] Mannequin Academy
  30. [PC] [REQUEST][18+][ENG] A Day in the life of maria
  31. [PC] Request: Akash: Path of the Five
  32. [PC] [REQUEST] [BL] [18+] Iris -Gousetsu no Ou- R18 fandisk
  33. [Misc] [REQUEST] Maybe:Interactive Stories [OTOME][BL]
  34. [PC] ネロエロッソ ~金のために鐘は鳴る2~ R18
  35. [PC] [REQUEST] Mazekoi ~Fruit Sand~
  36. [PC] [REQUEST] Royal Alchemist
  37. [PC] [REQUEST] Garasu no Konpeitou
  38. [PC] [Request][18+] [Updated Version] Camp buddy
  39. [Console] PS VITA - KOREAN - Chaos;Child(PCSH-00288), Hakuoki Kyoto Winds(PCSH-00306) & Hakuoki Edo Blossoms(PCSH-10046)
  40. [Console] [PS2] Tokimeki memorial Girl's side 1 & 2
  41. [PC] [REQUEST] 誘蛾灯
  42. [PC] A Hand In The Darkness After Stories
  43. [PC] [Request] [18+] Kaikou
  44. [PC] [PC] [Request] Magical Diary: Wolf Hall
  45. [PC] Earthshine
  46. [PC] [REQUEST] Planet Stronghold 2 (beta)
  47. [PC] Gakuen Heaven - Mixed Edition/学園ヘヴン Mixed Edition
  48. [PC] Demonheart: Hunters
  49. [PC] Exogenesis ~Perils of Rebirth~
  50. [PC] Cliché - Critical Change
  51. LFR: Any Otome CDs (DLsite or other) with a decent amount of male nipple play/licking?
  52. [PC] The Seven Districts of Sin: The Tail Makes the Fox - Episode 1
  53. [PC] TAISHO x ALICE episode 1
  54. [PC] [REQUEST]Honki no Dokkiri o Shikaketa Kekka Doushitemo Shinin ga Deru
  55. [PC] [Request] [18+] サイコアパタイト
  56. [PC] [Request] [BL] [18+] オーダーロイド
  57. [PC] Request Hashihime of the Old Book Town (BL - English Version)
  58. [PC] Hoshikage no Diamond ~Ao Yoru no Kizuna~ 星影のダイヤモンド~青夜の絆~
  59. [PC] [Request] Reflections ~ Dreams and Reality~
  60. [PC] Ariard-少年アリス- THE KING OF TOUCH
  61. [PSP] Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition Patch
  62. [PC] Clover no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~
  63. [PC] Heaven's grace
  64. [PC] Sentimental Trickster
  65. [PC] My Burning Heart
  66. [PC] [Request] [18+] Ijiwaru MyMaster - いじわるMyMaster spanish patch
  67. [PC] Corona Borealis(ENG)
  68. [PC] [Request] [18+] 魔女エルルカと悪魔の召使い~さまーばけーしょん!~
  69. [PC] [Request] [18+] ときたま!~時函玉手箱~
  70. [Console] [REQUEST] [SWITCH] サンドリヨンパリカー Cendrillon PalikA
  71. [PC] [Request] ショタに至る病 ぷらす!
  72. [PC] [Request] [BL] [18+] はるぼく~桜、春風。僕、先生。~
  73. [PC] [Request] Pistole Magier
  74. [Console] Angelique Trois & Angelique Etoile request
  75. [Console] [Request] [PS2]そしてこの宇宙にきらめく君の詩 and そしてこの宇宙にきらめく君の詩 XXX
  76. [Console] [Resquest] DIABOLIK LOVERS CHAOS LINEAGE - ディアボリックラヴァーズ ケイオスリネージュ
  77. [PC] [Request] The devil and the deep blue sea
  78. [Console] [PS4] Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~
  79. [PC] [REQUEST] Cliché - Critical Change
  80. [Console] [PS4] Code: Realize ~Bouquet of Rainbows~
  81. [PC] A Bloody Party
  82. [PC] "Winter Bliss ~Meeting You~"
  83. [Artbook] Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Artbook
  84. [PC] Shinobazu Seven Full package or Shinobazu Seven Character 6
  85. [PC] Dead Wishes
  86. [PC] [Request] [agony/Kinshiiku (禁飼育)] 下劣な雄豚/スレガル おにロリver/愚かな白雪姫
  87. [PC] [REQUEST][BL] Chasing the Stars
  88. [Artbook] CollarxMalice Unlimited Artbook
  89. [PC] [request][DOUJIN GAME]雪割草
  90. [PC] [request]PigeonBlood
  91. [PC] [REQUEST]Heterodoxy 同人ゲーム
  93. [PC] [PC][Request] Katakoi Contrast -Way of Parting- Vol.2(片恋いコントラストVol.2 )
  94. [PC] [Request] [18+] [BL] 裸のおくりもの
  95. [PC] [REQUEST] [BL] Sweet pool
  96. [PC] Seiyuu Danshi ~ After Stories ~
  97. [PC] [Request] 弊社、モブおじさん ~愛のスパイス咥えます~
  98. [PC] Request: Hakuouki Edo Blossoms DLC
  99. [Console] [PS Vita] [Request] Panic Palette (パニックパレット)
  100. [PC] REQUEST![OST]贄の町サウンドコレクション
  101. [PC] [ENG][BL] To Trust an Incubus
  102. [PC] Legend of Rune
  103. [Console] Majo Koi Nikki Dragon X Caravan
  104. [Console] [PS VITA] [REQUEST] Kami-sama to Koigokoro (神さまと恋ゴコロ)
  105. [Console] [PS Vita][Request] IDOLiSH7 Twelve Fantasia!
  106. [PC] Henri's Secret
  107. [PC] 東周列萌志 Philosophic Love-升級包 Update Pack
  108. [PC] [REQUEST] CHiRAL Night Rhythm Carnival {Full version}
  109. [Console] [PS Vita] [Request] Wand of Fortune 2 FD ~Kimi ni Sasageru Epilogue~ (ワンド オブ フォーチュン R2 FD ~君に捧げるエピローグ~)
  110. [PC] Katakoi Contrast -Way of Parting- Vol.1
  111. [Console] [PS VITA] Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate [JPN]
  112. [Artbook] Artbook/Fanbook CollarxMalice
  113. [PC] [REQUEST] Anicon Animal Complex Sheep Path
  114. [PC] [BL] Red Embrace: Hollywood
  115. [PC] Wishes In Pen: Chrysanthemums in August
  116. [Console] dynamic chord apple-polisher v edition
  117. [PC] hana awase mizuchi
  118. [PC] [Request] Sumire no Tsubomi
  119. [Misc] Is it Love Series Hacked Apps(Drogo, Ryan, Gabriel, Matt, Nicolae, Colin, Adam)
  120. [PC] [REQUEST][Primula] Gunka o Haita neko / 軍靴をはいた猫
  121. [Console] NORN9 ~ノルン+ノネット~ VAR COMMONS (jp)
  122. [PC] クリムゾンエンパイア~ Circumstances to Serve a Noble
  123. [Console] [PS Vita] [Request] Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku Gentou Nostalgie (華ヤカ哉, 我ガ一族 幻燈ノスタルジィ)
  124. [PC] [Request] [Reupload] はかれなはーと~誰がために君はある?~
  125. [PC] Echoes of the Fey: The Last Sacrament
  126. [Console] [Request][PSVita] 百華夜光
  127. [Console] [Request][PSVita] ROOT∞REXX ルートレックス
  128. [PSP] [Request][PSP]ウィル・オ・ウィスプ ~イースターの奇跡~
  129. [Console] [PS Vita][Request] Koroshiya to Strawberry (Killer and Strawberry)
  130. [Console] 5-nin no Koi Prince ~Himitsu no Keiyaku Kekkon~
  131. [Console] [PS Vita][Request] Abunai Koi no Sousashitsu: Eternal Happiness
  132. [PC] [Request] [18+] [BL] 少年達の病棟 ボイスバージョン
  133. [Console] [PSVita][Request] 蝶の毒 華の鎖 ~大正艶恋異聞~
  134. [Console] [PSVita][Request] PSVita版 赤い砂堕ちる月
  135. [Console] [PSVita][Request] ファタモルガーナの館 -COLLECTED EDITION-
  136. [PC] [Doujin Game Request] Princess Crown 淡雪
  137. [PC] Yakuza Kiss 18+
  138. [PC] [Request] [18+] [BL] ぼくらはみんな、恋をする Nous Tous chute dans l’amour.
  139. [PC] [BL]My magical demon lover
  140. [PC] [REQUEST] Let's Meat Adam
  141. [PC] request DRAMAtical Murder &re:connect
  142. [PC] Requests Kami-sama (Kari) Rojiura Ryouran Hen
  143. [PC] AI Escort (Eng 18+)
  144. [PC] [REQUEST] The Stroke of Midnight
  145. [Misc] Choices Story You Play (unlimited premium choices)
  146. [PC] Requesting Otome Game Signed and Sealed with a Kiss
  147. [PC] [Request] May (Eng)
  148. [Console] [PSVita][Request] DIABOLIK LOVERS GRAND EDITION
  149. [Console] [PSVita][Request] 大正×対称アリス all in one
  150. [Console] [PSVita][Request] ツキトモ。-TSUKIUTA. 12 memories-
  151. [Console] [PSVita][Request] VitaminX Destination
  152. [Console] [PSVita][Request] ネオ アンジェリーク 天使の涙
  153. [Console] [PSVita][Request] 英国探偵ミステリア The Crown
  154. [Console] [PSVita][Request] 吉原彼岸花 久遠の契り
  155. [Console] [PSVita][Request] DYNAMIC CHORD feat.apple-polisher V edition
  156. [Console] [PSVita][Request] 円環のメモーリア-カケラ灯し-
  157. [Console] [PSVita][Request] アイドリッシュセブン Twelve Fantasia!
  158. [Console] [PSVita][Request] Un:BIRTHDAY SONG~愛を唄う死神~another record
  159. [PC] Love Bites
  160. [Misc] Psychedelica/Haitaka of the Black Butterfly OST
  161. [PC] The Multidimensional Underwear Drawer [ENG]
  162. [PC] The Rose of Segunda
  163. [Misc] [REQUEST] Demons' Bond / Romantic visual novel
  164. [CG] If you have CG of these game please share with me please ^^
  165. [Artbook] Hakuoki Kyoto Winds and Edo Blossoms Steam Version Artbooks and Wallpapers
  166. [PC] miraclr - Divine Dating Sim [ENG]
  167. [PC] Nightshade Additional Scenarios
  169. [PC] Majo no Shokeibi Jougen no Tsuki wa Watashi o Mikudashi
  170. [PC] E-Depth Angel: Pinocchio's Murder
  171. [PC] Chess of Blades [Bl visual novel]
  172. [CG] [PC]Kusunoki Yashiki no Monogatari ~ Himitsu no Ochoumen
  173. [PC] [BL] Naked Butler/Hadaka Shitsuji
  174. [Misc] [Android] The Cradle of Thorns ~My Brother Belongs to Me~
  175. [PC] Forbidden Love - The Unforgivable Couple
  176. [PC] England Exchange 1.07
  177. [PC] Romantique Salon (Jap)
  178. [PC] -DONE- [BL] A Hand in the Darkness
  179. [PC] [Yetu AVG] 尘沙惑 Chen Sha Huo(Lost in Secular Love)-English Version
  180. [PC] [18+] Princess Crown Doujin 邂逅 & 誰ガ為に鬼は啼く
  181. [PC] The Falconers: Moonlight
  182. [PC] [Request] Prince Panic DX, YU-RIS edition
  183. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] DIABOLIK LOVERS Artbooks
  184. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] 薄桜鬼 真改 Artbooks
  185. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] 薔薇に隠されしヴェリテ 公式ファンブック
  186. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] 猛獣使いと王子様 Artbooks
  187. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] ニル・アドミラリの天秤 帝都幻惑綺譚 公式ファンブック~浪漫綴リ~
  188. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] ノルン+ノネット ラストイーラ Official Fan Book
  189. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] ワンド オブ フォーチュン ILLUSTRATIONS (B's-LOG COLLECTION)
  190. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] CLOCK ZERO 〜終焉の一秒〜 ExTime 公式アートブック
  191. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] 花朧 ~戦国伝乱奇~ 原画集
  192. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] 百花百狼 〜戦国忍法帖〜 公式アートブック
  193. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] SNOW BOUND LAND 公式アートブック
  194. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] 悠久のティアブレイド−Lost Chronicle− 公式アートワークス
  195. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] 数乱digit 公式ファンブック
  196. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] 灰鷹のサイケデリカ 公式アートブック
  197. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] BAD APPLE WARS 公式アートブック
  198. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] 喧嘩番長 乙女 OFFICIAL FANBOOK
  199. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] 大正×対称アリス 公式ビジュアルブック
  200. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] KLAP!! -Kind Love And Punish- Artbooks
  201. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] 絶対階級学園~Eden with roses and phantasm~ 公式ビジュアルファンブック Truth in the illustion (SweetPrincess Collection)
  202. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] Reines des Fleurs Artbooks
  203. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] Code:Realize Artbooks
  204. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] プリンス・オブ・ストライド オフィシャルファンブック ザ・ビジョン
  205. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] ゆのはなSpRING! 公式アートブック
  206. [Artbook] [Request][Artbook] Collar×Malice Artbooks
  207. [Console] [Request][PSVita] 華ヤカ哉、我ガ一族 幻燈ノスタルジイ
  208. [PC] Final Theosis
  209. [PC] [Request] Osomatsu-san doujin game おそ松さん 同人ゲーム 赤塚高校 怪異譚/赤塚町遊戯/朱
  210. [PC] [18+] Blind Prism ~ Melty Snow
  211. [Console] [Request] [ANDROID] Toraware no Paruma (囚われのパルマ)
  212. [PC] [Princess Crown]Touken Renbo ~Kami no Manimani~+[R18]Awayuki
  213. [Console] [Request] [PSVita] 十三支演義 偃月三国伝1・2
  214. [Artbook] [Request] 十三支演義 ~偃月三国伝~ 公式ビジュアルガイドブック (B's-LOG COLLECTION)
  215. [PC] Heart and Seoul
  216. [Console] [PS Vita] Akai Suna Ochiru Tsuki / 赤い砂堕ちる月
  217. [Misc] [Request] [Cheritz] Nameless -The one thing you must recall- OST CD
  218. [Console] [Request] (PSVITA) Koezaru wa Akaihana: Koi wa Tsuki ni Michibikareru
  220. [Misc] [REQUEST] [ENG] Time to love ladies, love story of share house
  221. [PC] Togainu no Chi
  222. [PC] [Request] Haikaburi to Bourei-tachi
  223. [PC] [Request] Shikkoku no Tsuki
  224. [CG] i want CG Yoshihra higanbana
  225. [PC] [Request] Shota ni Itaru Yamai
  226. [PC] [REQUEST] No, Thank You!!! [+18 BL Game] english scripts
  227. [PC] Schwarzwald
  228. [PC] (Request) Echoes of the Fey Episode 1: The Fox's Trail
  229. [CG] Mystic Messenger CGs
  230. [PC] [Request] Anicon - Animal Complex
  231. [Artbook] [REQUEST] Kokuchou no Psychedelica Official Art Book
  232. [PC] 【Request】 Anata Nikki ~Euforia~ 貴方日記~ユーフォリア~ 初回限定生産版/ limited edition [BL/ YAOI/R17]
  233. [PC] Backstage Pass 0.9f
  234. [Misc] [REQUEST] Romantic Diary: Pure Love hack
  235. [PC] [Doujin Game Request] 「Ou-sama no Chou -Petit-」 and 「Inaka no Koko de ata Kowaihanashi」
  236. [PC] [Request]Tensai To Koi Suru Mittu No Houhou
  237. [PC] [Request] Live×Evil OFFICIAL DATA FILE
  238. [PC] Cimson Royale
  240. [PC] Doujin Games Request
  241. [PC] [Request] Blackish house (game + situation cd + limited Artbook + touken cd from all sources)
  242. [Artbook] Ken ga Kimi [Wafuu Denki Emaki] vol -2- / 剣が君 for V 「和風伝奇絵巻 -弐-」
  243. [PC] [REQUEST] [PC] [18+] [BL Game][Puppet] Dolly Night
  244. [PC] [Request] [BL] 学園ハンサム Special (Gakuen Handsome Special)
  245. [Misc] [REQUEST] [Cheritz]Nameless DLC + Translations
  246. [Misc] [REQUEST] Shall We Date? War of Prayers
  247. [CG] Otome game CG
  248. [PSP] [Request] Walpurgis no Uta ~Walpurgisgedichte~
  249. [Artbook] [REQUEST] Karin Entertainment - Princess Nightmare CG/Artbook PS2 and PC
  250. [PC] [R18][Touken Ranbu Doujin Game] 密事