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  1. Is Empire Total War Great?
  2. (Game Development) I'm developing a Hentai Game focused on succubus
  3. Question about developing a game and share new here.
  4. Machine translator for Visual Novels and RPGs?
  5. Eroge Game > リアライブ ( Realive ) Purple Software VNR problems and instructions
  6. Looking for a nocd patch
  7. The Sims 4 : REDFACTION's LAB
  8. Sixteen years ago ...
  9. in search of rpg maker game recommendations
  10. Has anyone played GARDEN?
  11. Has anyone played SuccubusxSaint?
  12. How to create your own One Piece H5 world?
  13. Uhhh...
  14. [spoilers] Shin Koihime † Musou -Kakumei- Souten no Haou ending explain?
  15. does anyone play Age of Empire II anymore?
  16. Do you know the game Glorious Saga?
  17. Far Island
  18. What was your first online game?
  19. Need help with my Eushully games
  20. Devil Maker Tokyo
  21. Translation tool for JRPGs? (W10)
  22. How many animated scenes are there???
  23. Whats the difference???
  24. Replacer for VNR (visual novel reader)
  25. Need Help With VNR Aniclan
  26. Need some help with walkthrough
  27. 3DS Archive download for Citra emulator?
  28. Share Favorite games
  29. What game do you like playing, why?
  30. Exile Election Localization Petition
  31. Need help
  32. anyone play this game yet ????
  33. Pls help
  34. hunter x online, browser game
  35. Trackmania 2
  36. Pokemon browser games
  38. You gotta play Zelda botw right now or you're missing out
  39. tales of berseria question
  40. Sonic Forces REVEAL trailer!!! D:
  41. Black Desert Online - BDO
  42. Poll for Guild Name (read more in detail)
  43. I am new here,do not no too much about gams
  44. Have you ever been embarrassed to buy a game(s) in your collection
  45. Free Dirt Showdown At HumbleBundle
  46. Summertime Saga
  47. How many specials did you get in "honey select"
  48. Who here has bought/not bought a next gen console
  49. looking for a fire emblem rp partner
  50. Question about Clannad
  51. Where in Japan can "Pokemon Ga-Ole" game be found?
  52. [Adapted Game] Koutetsujou no Kabaneri
  53. What is the best website for Xbox 360 games download?
  54. [Adapted Game] Senki Zesshou no Symphogear - XD Unlimited
  55. Heroes of Azeroth, heed my warning! The Burning Legion has returned!
  56. "Subete Ubatteyaru!" Technical Question
  57. All Pokémon Go Pokemon Evolution
  58. Monobeno H scenes
  59. [Share] "Shanzhai" Is Not Just A Phenomenon In China
  60. PS Vita Theme question
  61. Persona 5
  62. need more games like eiyuu senki
  63. Seeking Info on Muf Luv Games
  64. Looking for people to play GTA Online (PS3)
  65. Help With R-15 Portable
  66. SOS Looking for someone to crack games
  67. Do you like war game?
  68. Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition
  69. Akiba's Trip uncensor mod anyone?
  70. SisCon Games Like on Oreimo
  71. Bayonetta Joins The Battle!!! [Super Smash Bros For Wii U/3DS]
  72. Meet the Steam Pokémon Volcanion!
  73. Save file
  74. Fate/Grand Order Master Training Area!
  75. Just bought Pokemon ORAS & X ! [JPN日本ver.]
  76. [NEWS] Konami Closes Kojima Productions Los Angeles Studio
  77. Soundtrack in visual novels
  78. [Pokémon Shuffle] Lucarionite for sale!!! [Mobile Ver.]
  79. [WARNING!] Please DON'T do this never ever to your PS3!
  80. CR7 arrives to GTA V! D:
  81. [PSVita] Have you seen this upcoming game for PS Vita? O_O
  82. Japanese Rhythm Games (DDR, IIDX, Pop'n, Taiko, osu!, etc.)
  83. What do you think about Pokémon Shuffle? (The F2P for 3DS/Mobile)
  84. Game tradings
  85. Playing Ultra Street Fighter 4
  86. Taimanin Asagi Battle arena.
  87. FF VII Remake (!!!) & the best of E3
  88. VNDS + Help
  89. Visual Novels game..
  90. World of Warships Admirals Lounge!
  91. Question about Sengoku Hime 1
  92. What free MMORPGs are you currently playing?
  93. Mmorpg Combat? Good or Outdated? Opinions?
  94. I'm Unofficially Translating Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II
  95. New Fire Emblem For 3DS
  96. 4 Heroes of the Storm closed beta keys giveaway.
  97. Question about Dies irae versions
  98. 「ガールフレンド(仮)」Girlfriend (BETA)
  99. What Rpg's, VN's or even good games would you suggest?
  100. what phone games are you played/playing now?
  101. Super Smash Bros. 4 [Wii U / 3DS]
  102. Angel Beats! gets a game adaptation for PC!!!
  103. Sweet Home ~H na Oneesan wa Suki Desu ka?~ : A question regarding the two games.
  104. Super Robot Taisen OG
  105. KanColle Headquarter!
  106. Can some one help me translate some Option of item in game Brave Material Iginition!
  107. VN TITLE ?
  108. PSN regions
  109. Good H eroge game with detective element
  110. Operation KOS-MOS
  111. Anime styled videogames that are not spinoffs from a manga/anime
  112. Sangoku Hime Character names
  113. Who here is into Fighting Games and likes to spar online?
  114. Nintendo announces new 3DS system
  115. sprite『蒼の彼方のフォーリズム』2nd OPムービーを公開しました(You may need a VPN)
  116. Navel『月に寄りそう乙女の作法2』OPムービーを公開しました
  117. Old galgame
  118. Chinese Pitches of Galgame by Dreamhouse
  119. Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii
  120. One Piece Unlimited world Red [Vita Japan version]
  121. Visual Novel Question
  122. Hotaru no Nikki Bunny dolls?
  123. PS4 is crazy loud
  124. Labyrinth Bind / ラビリンスバインド
  125. Dynasty warriors gundam 3?
  126. soukoku no arterial
  127. Ys 4 Memories of Celceta review
  129. PS Vita: How do I connect to Wi-Fi without Wireless or 3G?
  130. La DEA of Libra
  131. New Etrian Odyssey Teased by Atlus
  132. Ragnarok Online - fantasy anime MMORPG - looking for people to play together
  133. Super Smash Brothers Melee!
  134. Help! IDK which route i'm on in Kamidori
  135. Frank's NES/FDS game reviews
  136. Valkyrie Crusade who is play?
  137. Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
  138. Custom Maid Online!!!
  139. 2D sidescrolling game where you're the bad guy.
  140. Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Game set in Japan.
  141. anime or manga style MMORPGs
  142. Good Bye Elsword
  143. Pirate King International New Server~!!
  144. Game OST request Touch detective Original Soundtrack
  145. Need Help
  146. Help Me For This Hentai Game (ポケットギャルハンター)..!!!
  147. When burning a VN/Eroge iso to a dvd...
  148. Rise Kujikawa confirmed to be playable in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
  149. crash crash crash
  150. GameYOB on 3DS.
  151. 5 Curse Voice Beta Keys Giveaway
  152. VN/Eroge
  153. Phantasy Star Online 2
  154. Grand Chase and Elsword
  155. i Want to know Please
  156. Looking for Visual Novel streams site
  157. Koihime musou otome Ryouran Sangokushi Engi expansion
  158. Sky Lagoon (Japanese iOS game)
  159. J-Stars Victory Vs. 2014-03-19
  160. Steam Game GIVEAWAY (Any game <USD$30)
  161. Date A Live: Rine Utopia Question. How to activate Rinne Arc?
  162. Good website for buying Japanese PS Vita games?
  163. Does anyone play DMM online games?
  164. first MM0 games discussion
  165. Remember these
  166. persona 4
  167. Eroge with eyefity or surround
  168. Please help me choose a game
  169. Pirate King International New Server Launch.
  170. English Super Robot Taisen Titles?
  171. Hello peeps
  172. Looking for good RTS (Real Time Strategy) Games
  174. Pirate King International New Game Launch~!
  175. 24K Gold Xbox One Selling for $10,000!
  176. Cheat code or table for japanese PC game.
  177. Looking for new Rpgs
  178. lord of walkure
  179. Dumbest reason you bought/played a game
  180. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
  181. guild war2
  182. Tears to Tiara II: Haô no matsuei [ティアーズ・トゥ・ティアラ II 覇王の末裔] Translation on youtube
  183. Aura Kingdom
  184. Rune Factory developer is filing for bankruptcy
  185. Persona 5 On PS3 ~ Coming Soon ~
  186. Girls Und Panzer Vita game confirmed
  187. Rune factory 4 Europe release
  188. What do u think of dating game?
  189. PERSONA 5 - Wishlist
  190. J-RPG's or Western RPG's
  191. Visual Novel Suggestions?
  192. J-RPG Recommendations
  193. Anyone playing 'Heroes of Newerth' around here ?
  194. Need walkthrough!!
  195. Echo of Soul Online?
  196. Nintendo Friend Code
  197. 360 Gamertag
  198. PS Vita Import Games
  199. Question about trading in an Xbox 360 Slim 250GB to GameStop
  200. What game introduced you to the RPG genre?
  201. FFXIV:ARR
  202. [ELSWORD] Mahou Shoujou vs. Goth Loli
  203. Anyone wanna play Kritika with us?
  204. Android: Happy Hamster, fast paced action-arcade
  205. Schoolgirls Love Tentacles!
  206. 君と彼女と彼女の恋。 What did you think about it?
  207. Free copy of Civilization IV
  208. new game 'routine' [trialer]
  209. wow FF14 is mentioned in 真剣で私に恋しなさい!A-2
  210. Nintendo DS/DSi/3DS Friend Codes
  211. Hello World Mercenary Kings Edition
  212. Do you still have your gameboy color?
  213. 『Final Fantasy XIV ASF Free Company』
  214. Playing resident evil series?
  215. Introduce me to new online games please!
  216. E3 2013
  217. Name these games
  218. What is the name for these games?
  219. The Sony Brotherhood(the re-awakening)
  220. Xbox one
  221. Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate for Wii U 8GB ?
  222. Question on GodEaterBurst weapon blade...
  223. Need Recomendations about NDS game
  224. [ask] how to install VN fate/stay night
  225. Harvest Moon/Rune Factory
  226. Japanese Android Games
  227. Elsword?
  228. persona 3 or 4? which one do you like better ?
  229. Suggest me a game or Visual Novel
  230. CS:GO
  231. Fire Emblem 13: Awakening
  232. Samurai Taisen - Open Beta Starts : May 6th 2013
  233. Final Fantasy X & X-2 vita release?
  234. Kingdom Hearts Χ? :o
  235. Cosmic Pangya! o.o
  236. Tales of Xillia
  237. SAO Video Game
  238. Gundam Breaker BETA
  239. PS2 StrawberryPanic!GirlsSchoolInFullBloom Opening theme song?
  240. Injustice Gods Among Us
  241. Fate/Extra JPN game save data?
  242. Katawa Shoujo announcement
  243. Is Breath: Toiki wa Akaneiro yuri genre?
  244. A focus on the story
  245. Any japanese indies
  246. Game's u bought but never played much or not at all?
  247. what game would you like to create?
  248. What games made you cry?
  249. RPG makers, ruby scripting question
  250. girls that play games ♥(^O^)♥