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Thread: Purpose of the download area

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    Re: Purpose of the download area

    If you and other admins think AS is running fine, then you don't have to response at all.
    Why did you made this thread then ? You kinda lost in arguments. first you say i'm the bane, than you praising me now you are saying you don't have to response at all. は?

    We don't work for AS or you, so we don't have to post anything here right away.
    That is correct the only place for what you are working is your vip section, and the perfect condition for you - nothing being release with in one month at least so your vip can gain more new members.

    We have no interest in taking "first place" in anything
    Read the sentence above.

    Helping the developers? Sure why not, posting 1hr after release / 1yr after release doesn't affect how much we earn in PPS/PPD.
    Wait wait wait, weren't 2dj supporting developer by having vip and not release stuff ? I clearly remember you had bullshit like this hanging around.

    I guess I should be sorry to have access to 10000+ more unreleased files (mainly CG, doujin voice) than anyone in AS do, that we don't bother to upload.
    Well if you do this then your vip will have literally nothing doujinsi related, since it already don't have game section. As on my side - i personally cannot pull hte voice and the CG, impossible with my budges, i don't have vip section nor Anime-sharing has donations.
    But there is plenty of chinese bbs and other places where you can leech voice for example i have no time for this either. And sad panda helps alot with CG

    If you really did buy those things you say, show proof and write own bought on your title, so that we don't copy those on AS.
    You have short term memory ?

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    Re: Purpose of the download area

    Okay, that's enough childish bickering from both of you. The administration team will consider the points raised in this thread when we have time to do so.

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