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    Downloads and damaged links

    I haven't see thread related this particular issue on DL links, so I'm posting here for answers.

    I've been around a while, and are quite new as a registered user, and I've noticed that some of the links being uploaded and presented to the users seem to contain damaged files. either that or the uploaders "repost" the DL link from the original source.

    I was wondering if reporting any such thread with damaged links are being dealt with since I can't tell whether the thread of link is deleted by mods.

    Anyway the point is, by downloading the stuff and opening the file I find out if it's damaged or not, and if it's damaged I post and/or report the thread pointing out which of the provided links I've used.

    I've been doing a small community service by grabbing the stuff and reducing them to smaller /standard size so everyone can grab the material without having to worry about filesize exceeding 100 mb (usually I try to keep them around 50 mb at decent quality size ect.) It's working wonders on Akiba, so I thought you'd have people who'd appreciate the same service.

    I'd love to provide the same service when I have time, but would appreciate a simpler method of doing so (usually i reply in the thread I used to grab the dl and repost the smaller version with new links etc.

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    Re: Downloads and damaged links

    If links dead / broken / etc , directly contact uploader via PM and ask for reupload / fix - reupload.

    As for reporting - You report only rule violations, spam, inappropriate behavior of the users etc

    You are now allowed to post own DDL links to the thread of another uploader, this is considered thread hijack. You can post patches, noDVD, cracks.

    I just noticed you have only two posts, to send PM you need have at least 10 posts. Please visit social section of the site to get those.

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    Re: Downloads and damaged links

    Purposefully uploading broken links to farm download is strictly prohibited. If you spot such behavior and there's a large proportion of such action from one downloader, kindly send me a PM and I'll take a look. You can also post inside one of the direct staff contact forum.

    You're welcome to post your own thread at the download section but please don't post your links in another member thread.

    I only post what I bought. My uploads are for those who share the same taste but could not easily import them. If you can buy the game, please do it to support the company.
    Bugs report belong to the Site Support, not my inbox.

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