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    Question I need an answer for my questions...

    I have a question that needs resolving... Well few of them actually. I'm going to explain my problem here that I'm unsure of or haven't got straight answer yet. So onto my problem;

    I've recently started to mess around in certain program by doing some videos on it. Now I have a dilemma which I cannot seem able to resolve myself;
    1.) WHERE should I post/upload those kind of videos? People here have suggested an "AMV" area, but recently I've been thinking more like "Miscellaneous" -section in so called "Non-AMV" for certain animations...
    2.) I know for sure that you CAN'T upload those kind of stuff on YouTube because they are often using audio tracks that would get you a copyright strike. I'm not sure about "dailymotion" nor "Nico Nico Douga" -sites either. So far my creations are on my DropBox account which leads me to my 3rd and for now, final question.
    3.) Are DropBox links allowed in video and such sharing wise? If not, is there a place it would be safe for me to share my creations?

    I don't want to break any rules so that's why I'm making this topic, to get some clarification for my questions... I really want to share things I do with you all but I'm not sure if I'm allowed or not... So can anyone help me clarify this? I would be eternally grateful to you. Thank you!
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    Re: I need an answer for my questions...

    1) Depends on the videos. If they're AMVs they go in there, if not, in the Miscellaneous section.
    2) I'm not really familar with streaming services, so I can't help you there.
    3) It's allowed, but they may ban you for posting copyrighted content. I wouldn't got with DropBox for sharing with the general public.

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