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    Bug? Activity Meter

    Hello, I was just wondering if this happened to be a bug, because a few other members seemed to have this issue prior to me. It says on my overall activity that I had reached 99.8%, yet despite being highly active via posting, browsing, etc for the past several hours on this forum after I hit 99.8%, the overall activity has not budged. However on the achievements and statistics page, I was rated as the third most active and listed as having 100% overall activity.
    I was wondering if this was a bug or I am doing something wrong that is denying me the overdrive achievement.
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    Re: Bug? Activity Meter

    The logs don't seem to indicate that you got hold of the Overdrive achievement at all recently. Drawing exact conclusions on certain happenings related to the activity/experience system can be difficult for its inherently arcane calculations. In attempting to answer the question, I have some definitive answers and some guesses.

    Merely surfing the forum without posting doesn't increase your activity. Look at yours truly for a live example. Also, the statistics and achievement pages don't update in real time but follow a fixed frequency at a much lower rate. Other than experience points that update every time you do something that gains you exp, activity as it is calculated in the database may have slight discrepancies as it is currently displayed due to it being subject to change every second. (Anecdotal experience: when I got the Overdrive in the past, it disappeared like a few seconds after I checked my notification for getting it.)

    To conclude: almost certainly, there were (and probably are) multiple users whose activity level reached 100%. One of them might've snatched the Overdrive without you ever having a chance to obtain it. And your current activity in the database may have reached 100% and gone down again to your current level without you ever noticing. What you see isn't always what you get.

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