This plugin is meant to take large high quality screenshots of Play Home Trial.

The latest versions will always be in!604nxYIJ!KIpNEHGaAu8zWkhiPWym5g

## How to use

* Install Illusion Plugin Architecture
* Copy `HomeShot.dll` into the `Plugins` folder
* Press `Pause` to take a screenshot.
* The screenshots will be stored the `UserData\cap`.
* Press `Shift-Pause` to adjust some common settings.
* Press `Ctrl-Alt-S` to save the card.

## Additional keys

* `Ctrl-Alt-Backquote` is an alternate key sequence for keyboards with no `Pause` key.
* `Ctrl-Alt-G` will show a box representing the area that would be captured. Useful when `output_width` or `output_height` are smaller to help set up the camera.
* `Shift-Space` toggles the *game* UI controls.
* `Scroll Lock` uses Application.CaptureScreenshot like the one provided by F11 only it upscales the image. Will likely remove this functionality later since the quality isn't good.
* `Shift-Scroll Lock` dumps the contents of every camera in individual layers for debugging.