i know, no one likes blender however i have been stuck as i am an amateur who is on the cusp of getting a great mod.Untitled.png

we would all love to see ikaros from HLP in CM3D2 and i have both ikaros and nymph almost done! the problem is pulling it all together. i have no idea how. so far i followed the directions found here http://www.hongfire.com/forum/forum/...d2-mod-porting

for some reason i just keep getting something like not a reference to an object. im stumped. i mean the model shows up to some extent, it does not load the textures, however it shows up in that untextured purple and i know how to get textures somewhat. the problem is it just does not work and i have no idea what i am missing for that last step.

so before you give up and say "too much work" let me just say i have the bones, poses, textures and all working however it is just that last part and menu that i jsut cant seem to get. it is a shame i am so close but cant get it but i have tried for a week and nothing.

PLEASE HELP A BROTHER OUT! the mod will be publicly released if fixed so everyone can benefit!