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Thread: (Illusion) Real Play

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    (Illusion) Real Play

    This is the mod release thread for Real Play (RP).

    WARNING: Posts that are not a mod release will be deleted without warning!

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    Re: (Illusion) Real Play

    I'm not sure if this is like IW have script that relay on it.. i'm still downloading the game and not sure when it will finish ! Either way if any modification is required, please let me know

    Cr@ck for DLC1:
    No-DVD Crack : 1126 75 => EB
    Regional Free: 1B48F5 75 06 => 9090

    [Illusion Real Play][English Launcher]v1.0-DLC1

    This Launcher is made for Illusion Immoral Ward Retail, It might
    possible to contain some untranslated msgs so if you find any, you
    can pm me with a screen shot if possible.

    ==[ How to Install ]======================
    1) Copy the Launcher into game folder
    2) Copy Launcher to game folder
    3) Enjoy with the game

    ==[ Dose it support XP theme ? ]==============
    Custom 32/64bit Theme was added

    ==[ History ]==========================

    Version 1.0 :
    - Based on DLC1 name: RealPlay.exe
    - Include No-DVD / Regional Free
    - Full Translation of GUI
    - Full Translation of the VGA Test
    - Full Translation of System Information Menu
    - Translate most of the known error messages
    - Resize the Layout
    - Changed the font to Tohama 9pt

    Uncomplete yet
    [Illusion][Registry Fixer]v2.1

    Q: I got a problem saying "Application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)", what should i do ?
    A: First read the F*cken readme file (which we spent hours writing it), then install the Micro$oft framework v2.0

    This Registry Fixer that is made for all illusions games that i got in my mind and made launchers/tools for.
    Currently it support the follow :
    • @Home Mate
    • @Home Mate [ Esk Mate ]
    • @Home Mate Special [ Photo Mate ]
    • @Home Mate Character Figure
    • Artificial Girl 2
    • Artificial Girl 3
    • Artificial Academy /Play
    • Artificial Academy /Maker
    • Digitown
    • Hako
    • Happy End Trigger
    • Iam Hero
    • Immoral Ward [New]
    • Love Girl
    • Musumakeup
    • Premium Play Darkness
    • RapeLay
    • Real GirlFriend
    • Real GirlFriend Special [ Botsu ]
    • Real GirlFriend Memorial [ Photo ]
    • School Mate
    • School Mate Sweets
    • School Mate Sweets Clock
    • School Mate Sweets Decoration
    • School Mate 2
    • School Mate 2 Special
    • School Mate 2 Digital Mate
    • Sexy Beach 3
    • Sexy Beach 3 Plus
    • Sexy Beach 3 Flash
    • Sexy Beach 3 Gravure
    • Sexy Beach Zero
    • Wakeari
    • Yuusha - You can�t escape from the Heroine
    • Yuusha - Digital Botsu

    It's possible to contain some errors, however I'm looking forward for feedback.

    You can press F11 for manual update check.
    You can always press F12 and see the values and export them to help me fixing bugs include helping you in your issue.

    ==[ How to Install ]==================
    1) Run the Registry Fixer
    2) Choice the game you want to fix
    3) Choice the location of where you have installed the game
    4) Run the game

    ==[ History ]======================
    Version 2.1:
    - Fix Update dialog box error
    - Fix Update server not available
    - Fix Language version fail some times
    - Fix Profiles counter bug
    - Improve: language version detection

    ==[ Fix HScene Issue ]==========================
    The File attached below [SIZE=12px]09_00_00[/SIZE] contain the english commands for the game
    to stop skipping the HScene in english environment without using AppLocle or Changing
    Regional Language

    Grab the file from the attached file below

    ==[ Download ]======================

    I will check what's wrong with my server and will contact hong regards the download section
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Points: 38,153, Level: 100
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    Overall activity: 6.0%
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    Real Play HF Patch

    This patch updates your Real Play with officially released preorder and DLC. In addition it installs PARTIAL English translations and full uncensor created by the awesome HF modders.

    Real Play HF Patch version 0.5 includes:

    Note: All mods are optional, so you can select to install only e.g. the uncensors or translations when running the patch.

    This patch would not be possible without SB3Utility(GUI+Script) 0.6.1 by enimaroah
    Special thanks to neoridon for making the image used in the patch.

    Show your appreciation of the modder's work and click on all the buttons above and write a comment!

    Known issues
    • Esthetic Play is NOT INCLUDED, but recommended because the patch includes mods for it. Read more about it and how to install it.
    • Many of the included mods are partial and/or has issues. Read the mod description if in doubt.
    • The patch requires at least 4GB free temporary space on the drive where you installed Real Play to install all mods. The space will mostly be freed when patching is complete.

    Having problems?
    1. Read the Real Play Technical Help wiki!
    2. Read/search the Real Play discussion!
    3. PM me

    This patch will be updated if there are updates to any of the included mods or if other essential mods are released.

    DOWNLOAD: anime-sharing -

    DOWNLOAD: torrent -

    Version history
    0.5, 2014.04.06: Add DLC4, update Studio launcher to DLC4, add DLC4 uncensor, update DLC3 uncensor to v1Fix.
    0.4, 2014.03.25: Add DLC2+3, update UI to v0r07, update story translation to full proofread 140315, add Real Studio Effect, Item & Map by Vincent119, add Real Studio Machine Translated Lists by RickMontana, add Real Studio Manipulation Keys & IK by RickMontana, add DLC2 uncensor by SysTPP, add DLC3 uncensor by Follado, update Item Uncensor to 140315 (dog tail), add Real Studio Penis Items by totaldecay78.
    0.3, 2014.03.14: Update Full uncensor to 140313, update story to v.1, add Item Uncensor by biglobster, update save game to be without changes to default clothing. Downloads: 7,812
    0.2, 2014.03.13: Add Full Uncensor by 777Maliwei, update UI to v0r06, update story to 140312. Use in-patch image by neoridon. Downloads before this release: 4,380
    0.1, 2014.03.11: Initial version
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    RealPlay : Male and Female Uncensored

    hi guys, I'll post my uncensored in this forum in case hongfire is down again,
    but female uncensored is not the same as totaldecay78's. I used my own uncensored from trial version instead

    [Illusion] RealPlay Male and Female Uncensored

    credit goes to...
    Profundis (female's part from Yuusha)
    Maliwei777 (male's part from SexyBeach Zero)
    Ids718, enimaroah (for decrypt code and updated SB3UGS)
    totaldecay78 (for replacing texture)
    and Inquisitor (for following and my work and also putting into all-in-one patch)

    to do next
    - try to fix all penis compression (editing animation takes time to finish unless i give up lol)

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    Re: (Illusion) Real Play

    Someone have a nurse mod?

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    Re: (Illusion) Real Play

    Windows 10 problem fixer!

    Well, Microsoft f^^k us again with more stuffs and problems
    In new update they replace many dlls.
    Because of it your game LAGS WITH 3D chars

    If you find laggy game then use d3d9_ALT.dll from archive and place in root folder.
    Sometimes games not pick it up, then rename it to d3d9.dll
    +This fix AA2 too.

    Extract archive to root folder
    Attached Files Attached Files
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