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Thread: [Illusion][AG3] Artificial Girl Mod Release Thread

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    Re: [Illusion][AG3] Artificial Girl Mod Release Thread

    Hello everyone!

    AG3 Map Pack v7.0 (Ultimate)

    More than just new maps, this pack transforms the maze of maps that were added randomly over the years into a coherent game-world that was planned with the benefit of hindsight.

    * Maps arranged into a logical, intuitive and convenient world.

    * Most maps within three "hops" from the Street or City Shops.

    * In-game signs help you navigate the trains, airport and city.

    * Total of 123 maps, including 10 released since previous pack.

    * 140 more accurately labeled icons (set of four for each map).

    * Includes a World-Map to help you find your favorite locations!

    Also, many maps have had textures cleaned up or minor flaws fixed, such as the Torture Dungeon which now has working (glowing) candles. In the City Shops, some store-front signs have been added, and the bland old "Hotel AG" building (from an earlier map pack) has been converted into an abandoned mega-church where the Bible Black rooms are now located.

    Click for Full Size World Map

    Maps new in Version 7.0 by author:

    beelzebub3: Adult Shop, Adult Studio, Skid Row, School Art Room
    Capt Jam and XnonameX: Dance (Strip) Club
    Viper13: Teacher's Lounge, Video Game Store
    Zeniner: School Head Master, School Showers, City Library


    New adult-themed store fronts in the City Shops.

    Improved textures for the bland "Hotel AG" building.

    Signs to guide travelers at the multiple-destination airport.

    Displays on both trains make it easy to find favorite stops.

    To Download:

    The total file size is 1.69GB, so I have divided the zip file into three separate MediaFire downloads:

    Zip File 001:
    Zip File 002:
    Zip File 003:

    To Install:

    This is a manual install mod, but it takes just a few seconds to complete the 5-step instructions included, which have been tested using a fresh install of AG3.

    For Best Results:

    After installing Map Pack 7.0, use Illusion Wizzard to install the wonderful room re-textures by Darziel, Gillsing, and wurlox that were re-uploaded by tmvaegis.

    Slow Frame-Rate in Windows 10?

    This known issue with older Illusion games is fixed by placing a d3d9.dll file into your AG3 folder (renamed to d3d9_alt.dll if you use the subtitle mod). The dll file that worked for me is here. For other alternative d3d9.dll files, and discussion about which one works best, see this thread.

    Credits and Thanks:

    Most credit goes to Illusion and to the modders who created or converted these maps, and especially to Viper 13 who was kind enough to write a clear manual for me about how to change AG3 action points. Also lots of credit goes to hereaus, unmei220 and others for hard work on previous map packs. As with previous packs, some maps look nice but have no solid walls nor action points other than doors.

    This map pack was a labor of love. I wanted to enjoy the huge variety of maps in a more immersive world, and now everyone else can too!

    Attached Images Attached Images
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