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Thread: WW Amazon's Armor for HS

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    WW Amazon's Armor for HS - Edited 9-15-18

    WW Amazon's Armor for HS - Edited 9-15-18

    Edit 9-15-18 - Alternated Version Added, See Details at Bottom

    This is a complete set of WW Amazon's Armor specifically made for HS. This was done as a personal challenge, to see if I could do it. The parts are mixtures of designs and styles from the movies, toys, art and other sources. It is not perfect and can be improved on but in general I'm very happy how it turned out.

    All items are standalone so they wouldn't replace anything; some items are recolorable. A Coordinate set is included. In the Character Maker the costume is made from the following parts: Armor, shorts, boots, harness, bracelets, tiara, arm band, lasso, sword, shield.

    A separate file with Studio Neo versions of the Lasso, Sword and Shield is also available for download and installation. These can be used with or without the costume.

    Please check the ReadMe.txt included with each file for more detailed information.

      Spoiler: Requirements 
    HoneySelect V1.20
    SBX Uncensor SBX2.5
    HS_MoreSlotID 1.3
    HoneyselectItemResolverNeo (for Studio Neo items)

    They will only work correctly with the SBX2.5 uncensor.
    There are clipping issues for small or very large breasts.

      Spoiler: Install 
    Extract and copy into your main Honey Select main directory.
    Extended IDs Used
    [Acs-Arm] 359171111
    [Acs-Hand] 360171111-360171113
    [Acs-Head] 350171006
    [Acs-Waist] 357171111
    [Bottom] 206171100
    [Gloves] 212171111-212171112
    [Pants] 213171113
    [Shoes] 215171111
    [Socks] 214171111
    [Top] 205171608

      Spoiler: Uninstall 
    Delete file bmhs_cf_dress_D5.unity3d from directory HoneySelect\abdata\chara\Belgar17_Mods
    Delete file belgar17_wwcos_W1.unity3d from directory HoneySelect\abdata\list\charaCustom
    Delete file p_cf_bm_wwsh_ggmod_01.cfg from directory HoneySelect\Plugins\Ggmod_cfg
    Delete file WW_Armor.png from directory HoneySelect\UserData\coordinate\female

    WW Amazon Armor Costume Download:!s1VFVCqR!rYPNWA1MK...C_v0HvK6gsATfM
    Studio Neo WW Weapons Download:!U9NxkIBD!e7SqyJxRa...lvJJviXk_j7pGQ

    Hope you like it as much as I do!

    WW Amazon's Armor - Alternate Version
    This Alternate version address issues experienced by some people using the Linear Rendering Experiment (LRE) Mod.
    Please check the ReadMe.txt included with each file for detailed information before installing.

    WW Amazon Armor Alternate Version:!ksMnxQCY!yad1N904q...mYJSKEjHd5u0Nc
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