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Thread: School Boy Uniform

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    School Boy Uniform

    • 2 Male School Uniform (one for H-State)
    • 2 Male School Uniform for Girls (for Normal & Swimsuit slots)
    • 1 Pair of Loafers for Male
    • 1 Pair of Socks for Male
    • 1 Pair of Cutie Teeth (optional)
    • 1 Pair of Braces (optional)

    Uncompress into your HS folder.
    Clothing card included.

    You need to hide the female chest for the oufit either in Maker or Studio (examples below)
      Spoiler: Preview 

    If you don't care for the teeth mods, remove or don't install "dilldoe_teeth.unity3d" in "abdata\list\characustom"

    Ported from Secrossphere and re-port from Playclub Female version I did. Really though this was gonna be simple straight forward port but the kid in the game is, ironically, taller than the HS man. My Playclub version also didn't play well with the boobs during half off state. Had to replace the shirt with the one from HS. There're still distortion/clipping with huge boobs (>100 wideslider), but I think even stock clothes aren't immune to that. There is also some distortion around the crotch (it is after all male pants, which is lower & looser). I'm not sure if this is mostly a studio issue or not, but the cuffs on the wrist gets distorted via. IK. I've tried the default animation with no issues, so I have to believe it's the horrible IK system cause the distortion.
    Outfit is colorable, I've included cards for the default blue. The male has one full uniform and one half off, H-State, version (which is pantless, see pics) I've also include a pair of socks & loafers in the shoes section. Outfit should work with any of the default man shoes, but loafers are more offical. They are just larger version of the female's brown loafer (this one's colorable)
    The girl version is in the Normal Bottom section AND Swimsuit Top & Bottom (jacket & pants). I didn't want to go thru the hassle of making an uncensored body, so this is why I did it like this. You can still use a Normal Top with it OR Swimsuit (I choose bandage to wrap the boobs)

    I've also ported over my Cutie Teeth & Braces from playclub (cause teens). Someone asked for the braces & I was gonna port the teeth anyway. It's totally optional, so you can remove it if you want by deleting the list file. They suffer from the same limitation as they did in playclub, they don't move with the teeth. There is the option to attach it to the mouth (instead of the nose) but when she talks, they sync with the lips, which is horrible. I set it to the default girl's teeth, but depending on your girl's face, you might have to readjust to fit. TIP: zoom in pass her nose so you can see the teeth inside so you can line it up.

    Here are some scenes showcasing the outfits
      Spoiler: Preview 

    without Cutie Teeth & with

    rubberbands are colorable, metal wires are metal



    pw: y9s9

    PLEASE DO NOT post this mod onto other sites without informing me first.
    請尊重原作者,本MOD禁止轉載,搬運。 如有興趣轉載,請先聯絡本人。

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
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