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Thread: Metal Gear Duo Pack

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    Metal Gear Duo Pack

      Spoiler: Preview 


    • 1 Raiden outfit 902*
    • 1 Radien Jaw 902
    • 1 Eye patch 902
    • 1 Side Arm 902
    • 1 Sword Sheath 902
    • 1 Sword 902
    • 1 Knife 902
    • 2 Face Shield Pieces 903, 904
    • 2 Raiden Facial Tattoos 902
    • 1 Raiden Penis Texture for SkinTexMod
    • 1 Quiet Swimsuit 887
    • 1 Quiet Harness 887
    • 1 Pair of Quiet Gloves 887
    • 1 Pair of Quiet Boots 887
    • 1 Pair of Quiet Torn Pantyhose 887
    • 1 Quiet 'Butterfly' Face Tattoo 887

    *slot number

    Uncompress into your HS folder.
    Clothing card included.

    Minimum Jaw settings in order to use Raiden's Jaw Piece.
      Spoiler: Preview 

    Use Wide Slider Mod to go beyond Minimum settings.

    Please use the included Clothing Cards to simplify your creating process.

    Raiden comes with alot of Accessories. You can rotate the Sword Sheath to any position you want. The axis is near the blue light. The sword and knifes, while back accessories, have their axis near the hilt. This is to make it easier for positioning while in the hand position.
      Spoiler: Preview 

    Outfit and accessories are colorable and shininess affects mainly the metallic sections. All accessories are positioned in default Raiden start positions, so little to no moving is required.

    Raiden is also highly compatible with GGMod girls.
      Spoiler: Preview 

    puts them on equal footing, literally.

    Since GGMod don't work on guys, I had to do it the old fashion way by chopping off some foot bones! Don't worry it's not the stiff barbie feet like previous games, foot still has range of motion, I only chopped off the toe bones cause thats where the majority of the distortion was.

    Since we covered Rule 34, on to Rule 63
      Spoiler: Preview 

    With all the Accessories, you can create a female version of Raiden

    Quite's Harness is in the Swimsuit Bottom section. Originally I had it in the Top, but since you can't really use any of the bottom section, I moved it. Now you can do stuff like this...
      Spoiler: Preview 

    shhhhhhhh...It's a Quiet Wet T Shirt Contest!

    You can use any swimsuit you want, BUT the swimsut will be OVER the pantyhose instead of under it. I used the T-back (thong) panties for her swimsuit to have it underneath the pantyhose. (And I know she doesn't really wear a thong, but it's sexier and easier)
    The Harness does have a H-State, where all her weapons are removed and only the harness remains.

    Her famous 'Butterfly' eye tattoo is colorable and has alpha. so you can do this..
      Spoiler: Preview 

    There are plenty of options and also some 'secrets' for these outfit, like...
      Spoiler: Preview 

    Ultra Rare Platinum White Edition of Raiden's Armor!

    There maybe some distortion/clipping. It's impossible to weight paint every bolt on raiden (literally spent days on his hands alone) Very hard to make piece that suppose to be stiff move right on a body that's supple.
    Quiet's swimsuit knot should distort (much), but there is slight issues with flat chested bodies.

    There is also a penis texture for Raiden using Alexae's SkinTexMod, so you can have a matching robot penis.
    Manually cleaned up the texture (I don't believe there is any HD texture for Raiden since PC version only got SD) and saved them uncompressed. It's not perfect HD, there are still some artifacts. Quiet's pantyhose I redid almost from scratch cause the texture was soooo bad and virtually unusable.

    Slot numbers are listed above in Features, next to their items and included as text file in download.

    Hideo Kojima and Konami for Raiden & Quiet



      Spoiler: Preview 

    PLEASE DO NOT post this mod onto other sites without informing me first.
    請尊重原作者,本MOD禁止轉載,搬運。 如有興趣轉載,請先聯絡本人。

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
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    Re: Metal Gear Duo Pack

    Thank you!

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    Re: Metal Gear Duo Pack

    Quote Originally Posted by DillDoe View Post
    Quite's Harness is in the Swimsuit Bottom section. Originally I had it in the Top, but since you can't really use any of the bottom section, I moved it. Now you can do stuff like this...
      Spoiler: Preview 

    shhhhhhhh...It's a Quiet Wet T Shirt Contest!
    I've never seen a wet tshirt mod for an Illusion game. Pretty cool, thanks!

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