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Thread: Gyaru Dancer Outfit

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    Gyaru Dancer Outfit

      Spoiler: More pics 

    Bit of blogging, feel free to skip.

    It's finally done.

    I based this outfit on this right here.

    There are some differences, namely in the hand bracelet, the earrings and the overall scale of the waist belt. Some were in purpose, others because I still suck at scaling reference. Whoops.

    All the stuff that should bounce, bounces. I created new armatures for each accessory, I only based myself on the root of existing ones, but the bone chains are new, and they bounce very nicely.

    The necklace could use some work in that department though, and I'm planning to separate it later. I also tried making the multicolored necklace glow in the dark by doubling the RGB color values. Let me know if that even works well for you, I might make it go back to looking like plastic again though.

    Also, the gems in the nipple piercings, the necklace and the earrings are using this custom shader. Feel free to copy it from the asset bundle and use it wherever you want to.

    This was quite fun, I pretty much learned a lot about armatures with this, and I'm actually quite pleased with how it turned out.



    Blogging ends here.

    CustomList: roy12_ss09.unity3d

    • Waist Accessory 357914
    • Swimsuit 209910
    • Chest Accessory 356901
    • Neck Accessory 354914
    • Hand Accessory 360914
    • Ear Accessory 351914
    • Arm Accessory 359914

    Extract the abdata folder of the 7z into your HS main directory, if asked to merge, say yes.

    Remove these files:

    The * being anything that comes after the underscore and before the dot.

    Version History:
    • Initial release

    Known Issues:
    • The necklace clips a lot with certain poses. My bones setup for it might not be that nice.
    • The small chains and medals on the waist belt can clip a bit with the legs. I tried my best to make it not do so without losing the bouncing effect.
    • Scaling some items in the Z axis might make them look separated. I'm still searching for some way to solve this. If anyone has any ideas I'm all ears.


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    Re: Gyaru Dancer Outfit

    Soooooo cute ! well done and thanks to share it

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