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    Can someone help me with translating these sentences?

    I'm in the process of translating a Visual Novel called 黒姫 (The Black Princess), but I'm having problems with a few sentences thusfar. If someone would be so kind as to translate these for me, I'd be really greatful. I'll also post mine too, though, they'll probably be incorrect. That's why I'm asking you guys to help me out, of course.

    Anyway, here they are:

    1) 「痛いよ、直哉君・・・・・・僕だってがんばって・・・」- "That hurts, Naoya-kun...... I'll keep at it..."
    2) 「そうね。テントもたまにはいいけど、連続で何日もってなるとね」- "Oh well. It'd be nice if we brought a tent for a change, it's been like this for several days in a row now"
    3) 「落着けよ直哉。怒って無駄に体カ使っても仕万ないだろ?」- "Calm down, Naoya. There's no need to get all worked up, right?"
    4) 「私がキャンプに行きたいなんて言わなければ、こんな事には・・・・・・・・・」- "I wanna go back to the camp, this is........."

    Thanks in advance!

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