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    Books for learning specific aspects of Japanese?

    I am currently looking for books for learning three subjects; Verbs, Adjectives and Kanji. I have been looking on Amazon, but there are very many to choose from, and the reviews say more or less the same thing regardless of which book I'm looking at. Does anyone here know which book is the best one on each subject? Perhaps someone has learned from such books and can recommend the prefered one?

    I do not need a general book on learning Japanese, I already have that.

    Also, I am planning to buy them if possible, so this is not a download request. That said, if there is a clearly better version that can be read online I can always have a look at that first.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Books for learning specific aspects of Japanese?

    It sounds like you're looking for word lists, rather than books.

    The only book I'd really see as necessary would be a grammar book. And even there, Tae Kim's Grammar guide is on the internet for free. Might be different for different people, but I like his guide a lot as it's short and concise. It has the necessary stuff and skips the fillers most books (I've seen) have. The bought version on Amazon is exactly the same as the net one.

    After having Grammar down somewhat at least, just try reading something, and every time you stumble upon something you don't know (which in the beginning, will be everything), just add it to your list. Instead of thinking of verbs, adjectives, kanji and all the other things as separate entities, just look at it all as "Japanese I don't know yet". Then you make your own lists with those words (Looking up the grammar if you're not completely sure about it). That, or if you'd rather just have compiled lists, look through what ANKI can offer you. That stands true for both vocabulary and kanji.

    For listening, anything that talks Japanese is good. Whether it be anime, music, radio or TV programs. As for learning how to speak, I'd advise you finding person(s) fluent in the language and try to copy them. Don't learn from anime, no one speaks like that, and you'd just be ridiculed if you went to Japan and used that way of speaking. It'd also help if you talk to a person of the same sex as you, seeing as females and males talk differently (You'd really notice this when meeting a male who learned most of his Japanese from his Japanese girlfriend. It just sounds weird).

    Feel free to ask if you have any questions, it's plenty possible that I don't make too much sense here.

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