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    Is anybody willing to QC the translation I did of the song THX! by Mai Kotouge (C-CLAYS)

    Hello to everyone reading this! I finished my translation of a song called THX!, which is performed by Mai Kotouge and published by C-CLAYS. This song serves as the ED of the Borderline Hentai anime ´Aki Sora: Yume no Naka (あきそら:夢の中; Autumn Sky: In a Dream)`. Now, the thing is, I'd like someone with some Japanese knowledge to correct any possible mistakes I may have made, since I'm not a professional yet (I'm still learning...). So, if anyone is willing to help me out here, I'd very much appreciate it. If there's a mistake, please do tell me, I'd love to hear your input. It'll help me improve my Japanese skills. Anyway, here's my translation.


    Tatta hitotsu no omoi wo mune ni…… 「arigatō」

    There’s but one thought on my mind…… “Thank you”

    ずっと続く帰り道 偶然出逢ったね
    はしゃいですぐ ばれちゃうこの気持ちを

    Zutto tsuzuku kaerimichi gūzen deatta ne
    「Issho ni kaerō yo」
    Hashaide sugu barechau kono kimochi wo
    Waratte kyō mo heiki na furi wo shiteru

    By chance, we meet each other on the long way back home, so
    “Let's go home together”
    I’m so happy that soon, I will no longer be able to hide these feelings (of mine)
    Today as well, I just laugh and pretend that everything’s okay

    あなたに気付かれないように 少しゆっくり歩いた

    Anata ni kizukarenai yō ni sukoshi yukkuri aruita

    I slowly walk, little by little, so as not to be noticed by you

    あなたがいる それだけであっという間に

    Anata ga iru soredake de attoiumani
    Sugiteiku jikan ni muchū ni natteita
    Toki ga tomarenai ito nando mo negai
    Konomama zutto iraretara ī no ni

    In as much as a blink of an eye, by just being with you,
    I’m dazed with how quickly time flies by
    If time doesn’t intend to stop, I’ll wish over and over again that it would,
    Because, I wish to stay with you like this forever


    Tatta hitotsu no omoi wo mune ni…… 「arigatō」

    There’s but one thought on my mind…… “Thank you”


    Yubisashita mukō ni natsukashī kōen
    「Ano hi no koto oboeteru? 」
    Itsunomanika chīsaku natta benchi
    Mukashi wa nannimo todokanakatta no ni

    I point my finger at our nostalgic park over there, asking
    “Do you still remember it from that day?”
    Before we knew it, the bench became much smaller
    Even so, we never payed any attention to it back in the old days

    こうして変わってゆくんだね だけどここにある想いは

    Kōshite kawatte yukunda ne dakedo koko ni aru omoi wa

    Thus, things have changed, however, the memories it holds haven’t

    遠い日 あんなにも無邪気でいられたのに
    気付き始めてる だけどあと少し

    Itsukara ka ienai koto ga fueteta
    Tōi hi anna ni mo mujaki de irareta no ni
    Itsumademo kono mama ja irarenai koto wo
    Kizuki hajimeteru dakedo ato sukoshi

    Since when have the things that I could say increased?
    Though, I was so innocent back in those distant days
    I wanted to stay like that forever,
    However, I only began to realize that a little while after

    どうして切ないの? こんな気持ちは

    Dōshite setsunai no? Konna kimochi wa

    Why do these emotions make me feel so sad?

    『突然 不安になったんだ。
    あなたのことを見つめ 涙零れたなんておかしいかな?

    『Totsuzen fuan ni nanttanda.
    Anata no koto wo mitsume namida koboreta nante okashī kana?
    Kawaranai mama de ite ne, zutto』

    ´All of a sudden, I became anxious.
    When I gazed at you, my eyes started to overflow with tears, is that strange?
    I want everything to stay as they are, unchanged, forever`

    忘れられない あの時もこうして本当の気持ちを何一つ言えずに

    Wasurarenai ano toki mo koushite hontou no kimochi wo nanihitotsu iezu ni

    I’ll never forget the time when I wasn’t able to express my true feelings

    あなたに近づいて 笑って頷いた
    手を伸ばしたら あなたに届くかな?
    記憶のカケラ ずっと見つめてて

    Ima nara iesou na ki ga shiteru kara
    Anata ni chikaduite waratte unazuita
    Te wo nobashitara anata ni todoku kana?
    Kioku no kakera zutto mitsumetete

    Now, I’m finally able to speak my mind
    I nod and laugh, while getting closer to you
    If I stretch out my hand, will it reach you?
    I’ll keep gazing at your memory fragments, forever and ever


    Tatta hitotsu no omoi wo mune ni… 「daisuki yo」

    There’s but one thought on my mind…… “I love you”


    Well, that was it. I hope some of you will take the time to check it, though, if you don't, that's alright. I won't blame you, since I can understand if you're too busy. In any case, it can't hurt to try and ask, right?
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