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Thread: Your top ten otome men?

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    Re: Your top ten otome men?

    bueno ..
    2-diabolick lovers: subaru,ayato,shuuu
    3-kamigami no asobi : hades ,loki,takeru
    4-starry sky in summer: ryonosuke
    5-starry sky in spring: kanata nanami
    6-starry sky in autum : kotaro mi fetiche por los enfermeros
    7-starry sky in winter:kazuki
    8-bloody call:jin,shirou,kyo,cain
    9-uta no prince sama: ichinose,masato,ren
    10-heart no kuni no alice: blood drupe,nightmare,ace,julius,gato de chechire,peter
    11-akasukin to mayoi no mori: okami,kitsune,nightmare
    12-ijaru my master: delta ,leon
    13-arcana fagmilia: jolly,debito,nova
    14-PersonA ~Operaza no Kaijin~ (PC, 18+): richard,fantome.remy
    15-under the moon: leniii lo amo y zero y unan aun no he jugado su ruta me encanta su cabello rubio.
    16-nise no chigiri: suien ,kansuke,akatsuki
    17-taisho alice los 4 episodios: caperucita,cenicienta,mago,kaguya
    18-Zettai Meikyuu Grimm ~Nanatsu no Kagi to Rakuen director cut :es un juego buenisimo de cuento de hadas y los que mas me gustan de este juego: jakob,ludwin,principe de las espinas,principe sapo, sucubo,hamelm yLittle Red Riding Hood.
    19-hanayaka no ichizoku: isami,masashi y mamoru el malo ohh su cabello es hermoso.
    20-princess arthur intereses: Lancelot: es hermoso y bueno el principal.
    Gawain: el pelirrojo mas bello del planeta cuando se sonroja hay hermoso.
    ,Galahad: un chico con un cabello precioso.
    ,Merlin,: el mago tiene el cabello azul oscuro hasta mas abajo del cuello.
    Mordred : un rubio mono.

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    Re: Your top ten otome men?

    Ranking your favourites is always so hard, gah~.

    1) Hoshizuki Kotarou - Starry Sky
    easily my top fave, even though he's dramatic and whiny... in spite of that he's genuinely sweet and actually mature when he needs to be. I can relate to his laziness, too, lol. His route made me cry a lot pfft
    2) Yuri - Nameless ~the one thing you must recall
    I'm a huge tsundere and because Eri disses Yuri the entire time i felt so attacked when he just laughs her refusal off like it's nothing hahah... I'm weak for flirty/sweet-talking characters, so I guess I was doomed from the start -- but Eri's personality & Yuri's reaction to it only made it worse.
    3) Shin - Amnesia
    His deadpan comments always crack me up and while I do think he's too pushy towards the heroine at times, I find him a very admirable person (thinking of what he's been through). Also he's so clever wow.
    4) Camus - Uta no Prince-sama
    I love him as if he were my own son...... truly, he's a very unlikable character (trash really), but his route in All Star makes you understand why and I loooove the whole political intrigue / fantasy aspect that comes with him, he's such a complicated, flawed, wonderful character -- most of the senpais in utapri are, for that matter.
    5) Hijiri - Scared Rider Xechs
    Tragic, a flirt, KENN? How can I resist.
    6) Julian von Garibaldi - Black Wolves Saga
    a man who can do both :^)
    7) Takumi Mishiro- Storm Lover Kai
    I don't care that he's a talking lazy snooze button he is so wonderful oh my god
    8) Assad- Arabian Nights Love Story
    Usually mobages are so bad... but I really enjoyed this one, and Assad was cute as heck -- the other two boys were also adorable btw!
    9) Kaminari Kensuke - Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Inbunroku
    The outfit + the voice (showtarooo) + the tragedy + a tease -- I still have to play other routes, though (ha ha my backlog), its possible someone else might end up being my favourite. But for now, he will do = v =
    10) Azusa Kinose - Starry Sky
    call me senpai more

    honorable mentions:
    Ren Jinguji (utapri) but I hate him in the games lol
    Hayato Aozora (stsk) because he's so beautiful and so sad... i just want to hug him for years...
    Mejojo von Garibaldi (BWS) - don't judge me...
    + That one guy who was the 'rose' from the double score series but double score further games are cancelled so i will never see my glorious fujiwara-voiced wet dream character in a game

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