View Poll Results: What type of otome games do you prefer?

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  • Realistic settings.

    3 18.75%
  • Fantasy, supernatural, sci-fy, etc.

    6 37.50%
  • I like both of them the same.

    7 43.75%
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    What type of otome games do you guys prefer?

    Do you guys prefer realistic or fantasy-like visual novels?

    Personally, I have a preference for realistic modern-setting games, but do enjoy medieval fantasy with knights and princes, not a big fan of magic most of the time, but somehow most otome games have some hint of magic or unusual races.

    So I was wondering if I am strange or just too picky, lol.
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    Re: What type of otome games do you guys prefer?

    I like both of them the same,but I don't like school-setting games in fact.

    Especially,when the characters were famous historical figures,the modern-setting storys were always put in school in Japanese otome games.I want to see their different new lives and different new occupations.

    Some of them become teachers and some of them become students,and I don't think some 'teachers' would become teachers!

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