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Thread: Otome (Switch) games co-purchasing

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    Otome (Switch) games co-purchasing

    Hello everyone! ))

    Co-purchasing group is reborn!

    Help us to create a switch otome datebase!

    Has someone here a hacked switch? ))
    If yes, welcome! If no, welcome anyway. We would be grateful for your help!

    How you know, otome games are very expensive and not very popular in the world because they are almost always only in Japanese. That's why big groups almost don't buy them.
    But we can act together!

    I think "donate/co-purchase" method is better than just to wait for the dumps.

    We have new rules! The struktur of the group was changed.

    Now the members have to pay a contribution (5.5 USD or equivalent in euro) once monthly (for example, 1 - 3 May, then 1 - 3 Juni, then 1 - 3 July etc.) and will get for it every bought otome game which was released in that month on release day. Of course I know that not everybody here can use PayPal - these people can buy a 1000 JPY card (there are a lot of online shops with much payment methodes) and then it would become for 2 months of "membership" valid as if the member had paid 2 x 5.5 USD.
    Again, the participants will receive for the 5,5 USD for month all the games on release day. ☆ ~('▽^人)

    The bought games will be posted in 2-3 months after the release for all everyone, so you'll receive it, but late. )

    I believe, a such system will really help in the fact, that the group has always guaranteed a credit (budget) and for it everybody will pay completely a little. No big expenditure, but a big advantage! Sometimes we will have to buy 2 or 3 games together and it will be unpossible without equal rules for all.

    I for my part will list every month group balance (income and expenses), post it in the group and add also 20-30 USD more, so that nobody doubts the idea.

    If someone wants to support the group and send a donation just so, you're welcome, please send me a PM.

    So. What do you think about it? ) If you know a person who would like to join, please tell him/her.

    If you want to receive more info, just click "apply for membership" HERE
    or send me a PM and I'll send you a message with all rules and a detailed explanation, how the group works *MUST-READ*

    We need more members in order that this system works and I'd be glad, if much people woul'd like to join us!

    P.S. You need a gmail, because it's a google group. That's all

    Thank you!
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    Otome PS Vita games co-purchasing group All exist psv otome games are already here! Enjoy! ^^

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    Re: Otome (Switch) games co-purchasing

    hi please check your pm

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