aight, here's the thing yall, i am now GLAD i wasn't able to buy this because the disappointment was off the *^&&%$( charts!!!!!!!! i just need to vent about it and imma vent here cause i know y'all can understand a fangirl's heart for the hana awase series and i dont wanna annoy my friends with this anger management problem. warning, very ranty

first off, the first three games were great because we get to see multiple ends for different characters AS IS WHAT AN OTOME GAME SHOULD BE!!!! so when i finally finished the game, hoping i can go on a snu snu mission with kurenai the whole time, i was sorely disappointed with the ENDING CREDITS!!! there wasn't even an option to choose a guy?????? it was literally a click through a visual novel with minigames of hanafuda and there was nothing else, where is the hype justification????? it just ended with ONLY iroha, no other options of bad endings with the other studs!!!!! i mean, i can understand iroha being happy and all, but gimme my bad endings with the other guys just like the first three games!!!!!!!!

second, pricing!!!! i can't spoil anything for y'all about the story but omfg you cant price a game like that to be ONLY ONE ROUTE IN A OTOME GAME SERIES!!!!!! i was willing to dish out 50 bucks for a possible bromotose ending!!! like OMFG YOU CANT MAKE BROMOTOSE LOOK LIKE THAT WITH ALL THAT FLIRTING AND BEDROOM EYES AND PUT A NO SIGN IN FRONT OF HIM!!!!!!!!!! WHAT ARE YALL DOING WOGA???? WTF?????? I WOULDVE JUMPED MOMOTOSE IN THE OTHER GAMES TOO AND IM STRAIGHT AS A RULER!!! GIMME MY BROMOTOSE ENDING!!!@! im the senki right??? the emperor wants me in bed right??? well wheres the chance for it????????? like yea ill see you in 10 days huehuehu--wtf is happening here and wtf is that thing face eating mikoto????????

thirdly, all these years to finish the game and you even take away the bgm button because theres only 2 new soundtracks?????? so imma guess that the ost in the zensho is JUST 3 games worth of music and 2 new soundtracks???? where are my character songs???? omfg EVEN IROHA'S CHARACTER SONG AND BACKGROUND IMAGE DURING BATTLE CAME FROM THE LAST GAME!!!!!!! theres no new image or song for him????? you made a game wholely devoted to one guy and you cant even make something new for him over HOW MANY YEARS?????? dont gimme the excuse that this is probably the same iroha from that last game!!!! you dropped all the other guys, you have no excuse to not make something worthwhile for THE ONLY GUY YOU CAN DATE IN THE WHOLE GOD FORSAKEN GAME!!!! omfg if you want to make only 1 guy in the whole game your partner WHERE ARE THE ROMANCE ELEMENTS THAT YOU CHOOSE???????? like how hard is it to have choices like choose either [iyaaa yamete irohasan dont touch there] or [motto motto irohasan hanafuda my face more] during snusnu bed scene????? im sour for no snusnu with kurenai and no whompwhomp with bromotose, wheres my kiss and snusnus to bad ending? huhhhh????? wheres my lemme fudge up fate again cause i cant stop looking great on *insert random five bright/bromotose name here* bed???? nowhere!!! just like my bromotose ending!!!! you made 3 amazing games just to say lemme crash your party at the 4th wtf

fourth, choices???? where are my choices???? i choose to read the tutorial or not in the beginning, then there are multiple sections to the same tutorial again during the rankings battle?????? wut?????? why tf was it an option to read in the beginning??????? who tf edited this game????? this is the LAST GAME in the series, if someone has no ducking clue how to play cause this was their first game out of the series, YOU RUINED THEIR VIEW OF THE REST OF THE SERIE!! also WHY ARE THERE ONLY 2 OTHER CHOICES THROUGH THE WHOLE GAME???????? i was hoping against hope that it would be like the last game where you had to finish it once to unlock a whole new game but noooooooooooooo IT ENDED!!!! i got all the cgs and that was it!!!!!! wut??????? where tf is the replayability????????

in total, i work hard for my money and if im not paying for trash why would i spend it on trash????? all this hype and out of stock posters and waiting for years hoping they were fine tuning only ended in a disaster!!!!! wtf were they doing that whole time??????? its like they shoved the game making into the hands of a six year old with adult supervision that never looked and said its great honey nice job. i loved the series but this last one should not be in my collection, i refuse to see this in my box of games!!!!!!! i could replay the first three games and enjoy everything it offers, money well spent. im really thankful to the uploaders for the game, hell the uploaders is what got me into buying the stuff in my game boxes!!!! but this iroha game is no longer on my to buy list and for good reason, a game like this is just proof downloading games to trial run them before spending your money is working. i am NOT buying a OTOME game i can only play ONCE!!!!! i can understand an action game or some fighting game BUT EVEN THEY HAVE REPLAYABILITY!!!! i supported the first three games with i repeat replayability only to see this last one fall?????????? OMFGNO!!!!! hanafuda exists in the first 3 games too, what makes you think i wants to replay iroha just for the hanafuda????? the storys gonna stay the same!!!! now my collection is incomplete and i was thinking of selling them on ebay or some stupid site where i can cut losses, shiz i even thought of throwing in the album discs too. but no, the first 3 games are good. i will never sell them because i love them. but this iroha game is a big fat bolded TRASH. i think the creators just secretly hate iroha because he was denied happiness and died in the first 3 games only to have his last game deny me happiness and kill the whole serie

tl;dr i hate iroha hen