Hello. It's Tee here.

This is a formal and open letter to both fellow Otome fans and piraters. I've not been around for quite a while and I think it's better if someone else takes my place as uploader as I am not active on here. Previous links will remain on the forum. The reason why I've decided to stop is...I just find no joy anymore in sharing games which some people could buy, but choose not to by choice. I've seen that some cannot buy these games because of the countries they live in. My condolences, but surely you can find a way to get the game in some way? I am not here to judge or to point fingers because that alone will make me look like a big fat hypocrite, as I use to pirate and be an active one at it, when I did. I've felt guilty after a while when I knew it was wrong to illegally download and play games which you don't rightfully own, which is why I, myself, don't pirate games anymore. There are many small indie game developers and companies that struggle to get their games out in the video games industry. It's not easy to impress a niche group that enjoys visual novels unless your visual novel brings something new to the scene. The reason why I chose the Otome Corner to express my apologies and feelings is because I am an Otome Gamer too. I was very active on the Otome Downloads, Miscellaneous and Otome Corners of Anime-Sharing. I am not here to tell others off for pirating since I use to do because I couldn't afford games. Now that I can, I will not be uploading or sharing games anymore. I don't feel 'generous' like I use to for sharing games that I owned to play, not to give away. I am sorry, but I have decided to leave the pirating scene for good. I own all the games I play legally. I have digital copies which are rightfully mine. I will not be sharing anymore as it is also a troublesome task uploading these bloody game files for hours upon ends and having others crack it for you so people can spam you with notifications on here; either to do with questions about the game download or the game itself or in your inbox, you get so many messages. I hope you guys enjoyed your time with me and my company. Don't worry, I'm not leaving Anime-Sharing. I just lived my outlived my usefulness for you guys on the Visual Novel and Otome Games Download. I will still be around, but not as active as I use to be and come online every here and there - like I have been all this time. Thank you guys for everything and even sharing games with me. Thank you for all the laughs, tears and joys. Thank you for the ups-and-downs. Thank you for having me.

どうもありがとう/Thanks a lot,