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    If you could turn any anime/manga into an Otome game such...

    Cause we all know video game making is a:

    *cough* Jokes but out of curiousity or perhaps just for shits'n'giggles:
    If you had the resources to turn any anime or manga into an Otome or even BL/Gal game - which series would you choose any why?
    Any characters in particular you would include? Gameplay style? Etc.

    However if such a game already exists for a series - is there anything you would improve/change?
    E.g. I remember Love Hina Advance on the GBA sadly it was really disappointing, I'd definetely love to remake the whole game, rather than just make a few changes.

    Anything goes, as long as it's either Otome, BL or Gal game themed.

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    Re: If you could turn any anime/manga into an Otome game such...

    Dude, you got me at shitNgiggles.
    Resources you mean, black magic? Welp, I'd choose GINTAMA!!!
    Characters that can be woo'ed- everyone coz I am not biased about anyone's sexual preference. Maybe I should include the option of choosing one's gender and customization.
    bxg+gxb+bxb+g×g+...=the perfect little mix of a perfect game of my dreams!
    Regarding the gameplay style, hmm...Gintama belongs to Japan but I want to make a wuxia themed game so....gintama set in China? But wait...all of the cast are named Japanese but ehhh...who cares... I have always been impressed with Bioware games so maybe something based on that. Imagine the Imperial Chinese Dynasty...the martial arts...heck...I want the intro be like the one in Shuyan Saga but with more control options just not the mouse clicking XD or I really didn't know how to play that one.

    To be continued- I need to think of the plots tonight. Will edit later.
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    Re: If you could turn any anime/manga into an Otome game such...

    ]I was talking about it with a friend, and we both agree that a game of Kamisama Hajimemashita and Phantom In the Twilight would be a dream.

    About the game:
    I believe that in the route choice system I would try to do something less complicated; For example, I would not try to make many "circles" around the plot to get the player to choose someone. Something that made history be highlighted out but did not make the game tiring would be the best. Sure that I would do a lot of routes and I think that the plot would be huge XD Both anime's are very promising and with intricate stories, so I'd do something rich in details - Those who add something in both the story and the characters.

    Well, I see that I going to dream for a while.

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