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    VA - Rolando 5th Anniversary Best Album *Wedding Cake*

    Rolando 5th Anniversary Best Album *Wedding Cake*

    Catalog No.: RLCD-0012
    Released: 2003/12/30
    CD: 104 MB
    Published by: Rolando
    Performed by: Akiko Matsumoto, Makiko Sakamoto, Yuuji Takase
    Composed by: Masahiro Andoh, Yuzo Koshiro, Shinji Hosoe, Hideki Takahagi, Daisuke Ishiwatari, Keishi Yonao, Tamayo Kawamoto, Masafumi Takada, Yukiharu Urita, Hisayoshi Ogura, Tim Martin, Manabu Namiki, Hyakutaro Tsukumo, Hisayuki Shimizu, Takahiro Yonemura, Shade, Katsuhiro Hayashi, Masashi Yano, Ado Torai, Kazuhide Nakagami, Shige, Shinji Orito
    Arranged by: A-TACKQ, UMEO, Ctrl+z, Lyzell, SHO, HIDE, AN, ma-ko, coba, Puchi, DaNGER!, RKZ, HiroMi, zts

      Spoiler: Tracklist: 

    01 Knight's Song
    02 To Make the End of Battle
    03 Area02
    04 Tears & flow
    05 BlueWater BlueSky
    06 overSEA
    07 Aquarium
    08 Silver -reprise-
    09 Area06
    10 The voice of the Moon
    11 Captain Neo
    12 Spelunker
    13 Cosmo Plant
    14 Fly to the Leaden Sky
    15 Wyvern
    16 Last Letter

    Disc 2

    01 Rumbling Hearts
    02 Walking Town
    03 Princess Time
    04 Karina's Theme
    05 Full Metal Angel (LimitOut Mix)
    06 Get in the Ring
    07 the destinies
    09 Adoption
    10 Raincloud
    11 Summer Festival -PMVA Mix-
    12 Overwhelming Power -RAY-F Mix-
    13 Yell!
    14 you're my only star
    15 To a Shining Season

    Format: MP3
    Channels: 2
    Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
    Compression level: 128 kbps / MP3 CBR

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