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    [Single] 蒼キ東風 - 月下独酌 (feat. MC 伽奈 M.J.) (2016.03.20/MP3/RAR)

    The 5th tune of AOKI COCHI "GekkaDokusyaku -Drinking alone with the moon-". Music arrangement of this song is based on hard blues rock. To mix the Oriental sound, we use the liǔqín (Chinese Lute), the èrhú(Chinese 2-string fiddle) and the Okinawan-Japanese new music instrument yonshin(4Shin). The lyrics sung in Japanese are improvised from the classic Chinese poetry which titled "yuè xià dú zhuó -the 1st-" composed by Lǐ Bái. And we feature the cool Chinese rap by MC Kana M.J. for reciting the original poem.

    1. 月下独酌 (feat. MC 伽奈 M.J.)

    DOWNLOAD / ダウンロード / 下载
    <a target="_blank" href="]AOKI_COCHI_-_GekkaDokusyaku_-Drinking_alone_with_the_moon-.rar[/url] (
    <a target="_blank" href="]AOKI COCHI - GekkaDokusyaku -Drinking alone with the moon-.rar[/url]
    AOKI COCHI - GekkaDokusyaku -Drinking alone with the moon-.rar
    <a target="_blank" href=""> AOKI COCHI - GekkaDokusyaku -Drinking alone with the moon-.rar - 11.54 MB[/url]
    AOKI COCHI - GekkaDokusyaku -Drinking alone with the moon-.rar - 11.5 MB
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