Hi there, as you can say by the title, I'm currently looking for the best ntr manga/doujins available.
To give you an example, I recently read Musa, by Mashiraga Aki, which I consider being one of the best NTR I ever saw.
I also started Kono S o Miyo, but I have yet to get where it is going.
My request is simple, yet tied to personal taste: can you recommend what you consider the best ntr themed stuff you ever read?
Mind that I'm taking Musa as the best example, in case you don't know it is not the ntr illustrated by Zaijuu or similar: it is almost quiet, although involving rape and cheating, and it makes you REALLY feel empathetic with the protagonists.
That's it, I hope I managed to explain myself well enough. If I didn't I'm sorry, but English is a second language.
Also, thanks in advance for your help.