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Thread: New NTR Veteran

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    New NTR Veteran

    Hello People.

    I'm called and known as X online, I guess that should do the work for my introduction here. Been wandering around in Fakku and other websites for quite awhile now and I guess i got bored of it. Since people are having fun sharing NTR's and there's an NTR sub forum here for us to grow and expand the community, It makes the website great to visit as often as possible.

    Well, just a warm regards from me here. I'll share some of the fundamentals of NTR that I've watched before and there y'all go ~!

    NTR Novels.
    1: MTSP Jin (One of my favourite NTR artists of all times)
    Link :

    2: Street Fighter's Mai (I kinda liked pits hentai with NTR genre in it, it makes it worth reading and of course.. Fapping i guess? )

    3: Bleach Hentai (Bricola Edition) (Well let's not forget that this edition is intense and I'll classified that as an A+ quality ntr hentai.)

    4: Soukan Kazoku (My all time favourite *evil laughs*)

    NTR Videos.
    1: Unsweet NTR. (This is the first NTR hentai that I watched years back, well it broke my heart but nvm i'm on the dark side now x.x)
    Link :

    2: Were hoping there's season 2 for this hentai as the ending is a little bit dull..
    Link :

    I guess that's it, I'll be sharing more as time goes by ? Been busy with projects and stuffs, will be back sooner. Nice to meet y'all.

    Best Regards,
    NTR Lover.

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    Re: New NTR Veteran

    Hello xaviertansync, welcome to AS
    You should come discuss in the big common discussion thread!

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