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    Exclamation The Netorare Group - Join now NTR/Netorare fans!

    I found this awesome group called, "The Netorare Group" on facebook. It's a new group but growing very fast.
    I am not being told to share that group or anything, but wanted to share with you guys.

    Group link:

    It's a great place where you can discuss, share or ask anything about NTR/Netorare with fellow ntr/netorare fans/lovers. I got very good anime, hentai, visual novel and manga recommendation there. I believe it will be the largest community for netorare/ntr fans one day.

    Before that, wherever I posted, I got annoyed and insulted by others since everybody hates this genre so much. But in this group, I can really talk and discuss about this genre, get opinions and get positive feedback only from the netorare/ntr fans.

    I hope you guys will join that wonderful group!

    The Netorare Group:


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    Re: The Netorare Group - Join now NTR/Netorare fans!

    Haha almost ALL its members have anime avatars and fake names (the later which is actually against fb rules but regardless) except oddly enough the few profiles with real names and pictures all appear to be indian or arabic men in university....weird.

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