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Source: https://play.aidungeon.io
Title: AI Dungeon
Release date: released, online
Trial: game is free, trial version is for an extended version
Author: Latitude
Official Discord: AI Dungeon Discord (post NSFW stuff in NSFW zone only!)
Wiki: AI Dungeon wiki
Changelog: AI Dungeon allUpdates
There is multiplayer option.
Author's (1)
: Using a massive natural language AI model (and an even more massive one if you're on the Dragon model), AI Dungeon generates the story and results of your actions as you play in this virtual world. Unlike virtually every other game in existence, you are not limited by the imagination of the developer in what you can do. Any thing you can express in language can be your action and the AI dungeon master will decide how the world responds.

Author's (2): AI Dungeon is a first of its kind AI generated text adventure. Using a machine learning model called GPT-3, AI Dungeon generates the story and results of your actions as you play in this virtual world. Unlike virtually every other game in existence, you are not limited by the imagination of the developer in what you can do. Any thing you can express in language can be your action and the AI dungeon master will decide how the world responds to your actions.

CobraPL's: AI Dungeon is an service, similar to text adventure game, which allows and requires playing together by the player (you) an an engine (ai dungeon). You both create (almost?) any story, including erotic/porn ones. All (prove me wrong) fetishes can be played in AID. But some of them are weaker, because of engine's limitation (player need to do more on his way to cause impregnation stuff). AID needs your guidance and corrections.

AID base on associations. Use (key)words related to your setting, don't use related to other setting. If player see a manor and will add "spooky" and will write that MC see a lot of bats, game will most likely introduce vampires. If you describe a man as "fat, ugly, wealthy" AI will make him (unrightfully?) a slaver. But if you change description to "handsome, muscular, on the horse" he will be a knight.

AID is in fact a text generator which uses some context to guess what to write next. Context used for computations is divided into some areas.
"Total limit for input given to the AI (story context + remember + summary + active WI + AN + anything added by scripts) is something like 2900-odd characters."
"you have story context (recent actions) which takes up half the limit (1024). The other half is divided between (remember + summary) and active WI. If remember is more than 500 characters, summary gets cut off. If (remember + summary) is shorter than 1k, it allows more space for active WI. Likewise, if no WI triggers, it allows more space for remember."

FAQ (read before complaining), copy/pasted from official Discord channel:
Q: Does the AI learn from players or our stories? A: Not currently, but the ability to use stories to further train the AI is planned. As of right now, the AI's model is static. When it does, stories will be curated by humans for training. However, the AI adapts to your writing style on a per-adventure basis. After a while playing on the same adventure, you may notice the AI starting to write similarly to you! Additionally, when you use Story Summary, it will help with its training data. (So don't use it if you want to keep the happenings of your stories private.)

Q: Why does the AI not understand/know/distinguish between/moralize such and such? Is it possible to make it do so? A: The AI does not understand or distinguish or (see above) like humans do. The database that the AI pulls text from is indeed large, however the only things the AI does, and does well, is understand patterns, and predict the next words in a sentence. It cannot distinguish moral right or wrong. It has data that says, for instance, that “killing is bad,” but it does not understand that nor come to that conclusion itself; rather, it is pulling from a total consensus of datapoints that, majority-wise, say that “killing is bad.” This is also why it's near to impossible to control the AI's outputs in terms of NSFW content, at best a filter can be used to censor the words. However, since the AI adapts to your writing style (as mentioned before), the morals you display in the adventure may influence the AI's outputs. TL;DR It is not possible to make the AI think like a human, all it is doing is predicting text based on previous text patterns/sentence structure.

Q: How should I format my inputs? A: There are currently three formats with which to submit an input to the AI, which you can toggle between by pressing the button on the left of the input bar.

Do: Adds '> You' to the beginning of your message.
Say: Adds '> You say' to the beginning of your message.
Story: Does not add anything to your message.

Given these formats, it should be known that your inputs should always refer to your character in second person. It is further advised to treat AI Dungeon more like a story-writing companion rather than a game. If the AI does something you do not want it to do, there are commands you can use to keep it on track (more information on these commands can be found below). Sometimes you may need to change your wording to get the AI going in the right direction. It is also advised to try to keep grammar and spelling consistent.

Q: What are the commands and how do I use them? A: The commands are as follows:
Undo: Deletes the last action (either an input or output).
Redo: Restores an undone action.
Alter: This command pulls up a text box containing the last action in the adventure with arrows to navigate from one action to another. With this, you can find any action in the adventure and edit it however you wish. These changes are made by the player with no possibility for the AI to make errors with it, so you cannot Undo an alter.
Remember: Pins critical information for the AI to keep in mind. See more information below. World Info: Creates entries containing specialized information for the AI to take into account during outputs when certain words or phrases you set are used in an adventure.
Retry: Deletes the AI's last output and sends a different one in its place. Note that you cannot directly undo a retry. You can, however, restore the old output by pressing Redo ( ) followed by Undo ( ).
Report: Flags unwanted inappropriate outputs for review.

Use the Remember command ( ) to store context in the AI's memory, which will remain there and the AI will always take it into account when formulating a response until you delete or otherwise change the contents. Good things to remember are your name and other character information, as well as outcomes of past events (but not the events themselves!). As with input, you should use second person ('You') when referring to yourself. For tips on syntax, Look up '/Remember' in Scenarios in Explore for detailed guides written by yours truly!

Q: Do my adventures save?
Yes! Look in My Stuff to find them!

Q: What is the difference between an adventure and a scenario?
An adventure is a playable story. A scenario is a specially configured prompt used to start an adventure.

Q: How do I publish my content?
In My Stuff, go into your adventure or scenario and toggle the 'published' slider to the on position. [flag NSFW as NSFW - CobraPL]

Q: Is there any difference between Memory in scenario creation and Remember in game?
No. Memory is the starting contents of Remember upon scenario launch. After the scenario is started, there is absolutely no difference between the two.

Q: How do I use placeholders in my scenarios?
The format for a prompt placeholder is ‘${text}’. The text within the brackets will be displayed to the player on scenario startup so they know what goes in the placeholder to fill it out. Note that a special shortcut placeholder exists: You can use ${character.name} as a replacement for ${Enter your character's name...}.

Q: What is World Info?
World info is a more selective version of Remember that can be customized for an individual scenario. When creating a scenario, scroll all the way down to find the World Info button. This opens up a menu with all your world info entries (if any). Each entry can be used to describe an aspect of world lore for the scenario. Above each entry is a space to enter in keywords. When these keywords are mentioned in the story, the AI will take the world info entry into account when formulating its response as if it were part of the Remember contents. This can now also be accessed mid-adventure to add and edit entries as you play! If you don’t want players to see a particular entry, make sure to turn off ‘Show World Info’ for that entry. Players can also create their own world info entries during an adventure from the adventure settings or the world info button (globe ). This will not affect the scenario the adventure originated from.

Q: If I use a World Info entry's keyword in Remember, will it always be active?
No. World info entries are only triggered if the keyword appears in the story.

Q: How can I support AI Dungeon and its amazing developers?
Show them some love by purchasing a $9.99 monthly subscription to AI Dungeon Premium! This grants you access to a variety of features, including AI Temperature (output randomness), Scripting, Author's Note, Voiceover, and above all the powerful Dragon model AI as opposed to the free Griffin model! New tiered subscriptions can give higher access. $4.99 a month for unlimited Griffin usage, $9.99 to add on limited Dragon usage, and $29.99 for unlimited Dragon.

Q: Wait, Hold on, back up. What's the Dragon AI?
The Dragon AI model is a next-generation GPT-3 with great superiority to Griffin. Dragon has roughly 13 times the memory capacity of Griffin, and is in general more coherent and a much better storyteller! "The new Dragon model is a much larger version of the AI you've been accustomed to playing on. It has large improvements in memory and coherency. However, due to its size, it costs a lot to run, and is therefore only available to Premium users."

Q: How far back can the AI remember in my adventures?
In both the adventure itself and in Remember, the AI can keep track of the most recent of 2048 'tokens;' [I heard it is limited to 1024 for now - CobraPL] roughly 20 actions. A token is typically a word, though unfamiliar words may take up more than a single token.

Q: Does the '>' of 'Do' and 'Say' have any significance?
It certainly does. The AI was trained with '>' as its 'action indicator.' The AI can perceive two forms of actions: Actual actions and environmental responses to such actions. Following this logic, you can actually write a '>' into a 'story' input to make a character other than your own take actions without the AI treating it as an environmental change that would elicit a response from your character!

Q: Where can I suggest features for AI Dungeon? What about reporting bugs?
A: You can suggest features at https://features.aidungeon.io/. You can report bugs in the help channels, though in most cases you will be redirected to send an e-mail to Support@latitude.io.

Q: What are the differences between Creative, Adventure, and Hardcore mode?
Depending on the mode you have set for your adventure, your command capabilities will change. In creative mode, you have access to all commands, allowing for more creative freedom. In adventure mode, you cannot use Alter () or Story inputs. This is the usual mode for special challenges given outside the game. In hardcore mode, you cannot use Undo (), Redo (), Alter (), or Retry (), nor can you use Story inputs. Death is also permanent. A scenario set to creative mode by default can be played with any of these modes. A scenario set to adventure mode by default cannot be played in creative mode. And a scenario set to hardcore mode by default can only be played in hardcore mode. If the scenario is set to creative mode by default, you can change between creative and adventure mode freely. You can now switch back at any time unless your character dies.

Q: Do written commands work the same as their buttons? A: Yes. Written commands are used by placing a slash / at the beginning of an input following by the name of the command and nothing else. /undo: removes the last action. /redo: adds the last removed action back in. /alter: opens the alter box. /remember: opens the remember box. /retry: rerolls the last output. (No written command currently exists for World Info.) /report: opens the report interface for the last output. There are also a few lesser-known written commands as well concerning input mode. When you type these into the input box and press space, the box will be cleared and changed to the specified input mode. /do /say /story ! (Same function as /story) In addition, there is one written command that no longer has a button but retains its function. /revert: removes the last AI output, along with the input that corresponded to it, if any. Since these all were mostly kept as another accessibility feature, I'll also note that you can use tab to highlight buttons and press them by pressing enter whilst highlighted.

Q: Is there any way to 'bookmark' scenarios or adventures?
Yes! There should be a bookmark icon in the lower right-hand corner of a scenario or adventure as they appear in the menu. Pressing this will add it to your 'saved' content, which you can access through My Stuff or your profile page.

Q: Do quests have any impact on the AI?
No; they are there for player guidance. The AI will not gather any information from the quests in an adventure/scenario. They only exist to suggest a path to the player. The AI will, however, detect when a quest is completed if it is active.

Q: What are Scales, and how are they used?
Scales are AI Dungeon's prepaid currency. They can be used to buy access to certain worlds and to replenish energy.

Q: How does energy work?
Currently, a full energy bar can hold 2000 actions [you can use scales to go above this limit - CobraPL]. An action includes an input and/or every 3 retries of a single output. One energy point will be restored every 5 minutes until you reach 100 energy, and thereafter one energy point will be restored every 20 minutes until you reach 2000 energy. If you have a premium subscription, certain AI models will not cost you any energy to use.

Q: Why is this new energy system in place? What happened to the free will to play?
This limitation is only here because the costs to run the game have gotten too high. The developers aim to remove these sorts of limitations as soon as possible, but there's no telling when it will be gone completely. They very much value players over profit, but without the latter, they cannot have the former as the game will cease to exist if they go bankrupt. As for those wondering why this was the particular method chosen, the developers discussed all the possibilities carefully and settled on this one because it was one that was most practical in providing them with an income while still being tolerable to at least half of the playerbase.

Q: How will energy work in multiplayer?
Don't worry, multiplayer hosts; your players won't drain all your energy. All players will use their own energy when submitting an input or retry in a multiplayer adventure.

Q: What are the differences in safe mode?
There are three settings for Safe Mode: Strict, Moderate, and Off. Strict safe mode completely forbids the use of any inappropriate words. Moderate safe mode allows you to use some inappropriate words (as well as the AI), but not all. Turning Safe mode off removes all word restrictions.

Q: Is there any way I can completely blacklist a word from being used?
Yes; scroll down to the bottom of your gameplay settings and you will find a customizable banned words list. These words will never be generated while you are playing; not even with Safe Mode off.

Q: The AI is generating some really disturbing stuff. How I can I help stop this? A: Use the Report button to report unwanted NSFW or offensive outputs. These outputs will be flagged for review, and the developers will use this information to help with programming the AI to stop generating such things without being solicited for it, or in some cases never at all (in safe mode).

Q: How are the other AI models different from the standard Griffin and Dragon?
The Classic model is the original GPT-2 model that started AI Dungeon. The other models have specialized training data to emulate the works of a particular author; the model's name will tell you which one. Note that these 'author' models are affected by Premium. If you have Dragon access, you'll get a version of the model with the power of Dragon; otherwise you'll get a version with the power of Griffin.

Q: How do I get rid of trolls/unwanted people in my multiplayer games?
When a unwanted person joins your multiplayer game, you can kick them from your game from 'Players' in the right side menu. A popup will appear, and you will see the list of players. You can then press the x next to that person's profile, and it will kick the unwanted player.

Q: How can I contact the developers?
Their support Email address is support@latitude.io. If you have any issues, please email them here.

Q: What are Worlds?
Worlds are premade.... Well, worlds--that you can create adventures in. They are similar to scenarios, but are much more user friendly as you can customize everything--selecting scenario options and filling out placeholders--in one place. Additionally, they can contain 'World Events'; special events that occur randomly throughout an adventure that change how the world runs a little. Currently, all the existing worlds were generated by the developers with help from the AI. The prices to access each world reflect how much generation went into them.
Experienced player's suggestions (read full version with an explanation):
  • Definitely use the "Dragon" model, which is much better and more powerful; you need to either subscribe or use the demo
  • Always use "Story" mode
  • Don't be afraid to edit the response to make it match what you want / what fits the scene better
  • Don't be afraid to redo a prompt if you can't get a good result; think of it as collaborative writing, not a text adventure
  • If something happens that the game needs to "keep track of", like a location or a transformation or a character is introduced, use the "pin" feature to make sure the game remembers.
  • Pinning is also a good way to make characters behave consistently and do what you want them to do

I think there is good potential, but the AI dungeon needs some work. You need to set clear World Info first. Descriptive but short. All have a word limit. 10~20 World Info, short length, would be good. Just explain about appearance, job, age of characters, don't try to explain too much in WI. Then you need to Pin or Remember some important info. Again, don't trust Pin/Remember too much, Remember is more like short-term memory.

Don't rely on WI and Pin/Remember too much. You need to occasionally remind AI about some important things you mentioned in World Info and Pin before you proceed to the important part of the story because AI forgets or ignores time to time. Personally, I think it is like 70~75% is what you write (via Do Say Story), 20% WI, and 5~10% Remember. You need to occasionally remind things from Do Say Story, which you wrote in WI and Remember. This guide AI to react in a way to what the author wishes to describe.

Don't expect too much to AI. AI is not clever enough. You need to explain and remind if you write some important parts. If you want to build a story or novel, this AI don't do that for us, but it just helps a bit, put some salt and sugar in it. If you want AI to react better, write a descriptive and good story for the sex scene and a description of the mind/reaction of the heroine.

I am newbie, but here are some of my findings:
  1. AI has some kind of cache. Use "Undo to here" to go back from some side-story to earlier part. BUT! If you do so, I suggest going back to https://play.aidungeon.io/ and doing refresh page in your browser and then hit "CONTINUE GAME". Otherwise "undoed" text will still affect AI.
  2. Style you use is important. "making love" and "honey" will result generating other story than "fuck" and "bitch".
  3. Making a scenario, use "daisy-chain". Make a WI entry with keyword, and a description with next keyword etc. Or guess keyword player will use during playing with previous one. Hide erotic stuff more buried.
  4. Most girls fuck and cheat w/o problems. Even for NTR these girls are too easy (no fun). Consider adding sth like that to the PIN/REMEMBER section:
    "Aria is your girlfriend and you agreed that you marry after you make some money. And then you will conceive the child. Aria will try to cover any romances. She will do it secretly only." - the girl sometimes refused sex or mentioned she has bf!
    Adding "I can't do this, I have a boyfriend" works... worse than putting "my love" when gf talks to you. Too much "my love" and story will be candy-sweet.
  5. Try to think like an associative AI. If you add two similar persons ti the same story, she may confuse them. So adding both a king and a count to one palace may result suboptimal situations.
  6. AI will not track statistics. Like amount of sex girl had, # of sexual partners, pregnancy status etc. If you want to roleplay that stuff, pin such info.