Im looking for a specific type of NTR storys, if anyone knows of some, Id love to hear.

Something like: Where there is cheating going on, the girl or the guy is having sex (it doesnt matter which), while talking on the phone with their significant other. Trying to hide from their boyfriend/girlfriend the fact that they are banging someone else.

Even better: Is the same setup, but this time the person doing the banging sends a photo of them self cheating (or the one causing the cheating sends the pic, it doesnt matter who sends it), to their boyfriend/girlfriend. "Here is a picture of me fucking your girlfriend." That kinda thing. For example, just like in - Wakachiai Shared Love - by Itou Eight

And to a lesser extent: A girl or girls, take a naughty photo of a guy on their phone, and use it to blackmail the guy to bang them.


TLDR: Most wanted is hentai manga stories, with photo proof of the boyfriend/girlfriend cheating, being sent out to the person being cheated on. Like in - Wakachiai Shared Love - by Itou Eight

Any help is always greatly appreciated.