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Thread: Etrian Odyssey (US)

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    Fileserve Etrian Odyssey (US)

    Title: Etrian Odyssey
    Developer: Atlus, Lancarse
    Region: United States
    Publisher: Atlus, Nintendo (Europe and Australia)
    Release date: 05/15/07
    Genre: Dungeon crawl / Turn based RPG
    Ratings: CERO: A
    ESRB: T
    Released by: Xenophobia

    In a vast and fertile land lies a small town known as Etria, a peaceful village that became famous for a startling discovery. A crack in the vast forest opened at Etria's edge, leading downward like a gaping maw. It all began there... Your salvation in the labyrinth is in your own hands: Create your own team of adventurers to withstand the maze's fierce battles, while creating your own dungeon maps using the Nintendo DS touch screen outside of combat. Lush 3D graphics and a world-class soundtrack puts an exquisite face on the mortal danger that lurks at every step.

    -Create your own story!
    - 9 Customizable Classes: Landsknecht, Protector, Survivalist, Medic, Dark Hunter, Alchemist, Troubador, Ronin and Hexer.
    - Draw your dungeon map with the stylus and inbuilt icons!
    - Diverse skill tree, plan your skills carefully as you wont be able to learn all of the skills.
    -Tough difficulty
    -Expensive Items/Equipments
    -Long hours of gameplay (Clocked 80+hours excluding deaths and more.)

    Classes explained: Pics courtesy of intothelabyrinth

    - Celes the Protector : "I wonder how everyone's doing back home... "

    Came to Etria looking for a job related to bodyguard so she can help feed her 5 siblings back at her hometown. Luckily or unluckily, she signed up for the infamous guild of LOTT. Though the pay was good, she is having second thoughts whether it was worth the trouble for it.

    Protectors are tanks who can equip sword and shields to protect their allies by reducing damage a row takes or by taunting the monsters to focus on them. They also learn low-level healing spells.
    Preferred on the front-lines.

    - Maxim the Survivalist : "Today we start with the .... er... was this the 'Kill the pups first and strike Fenrir down' meeting or the 'Poke Fenrir as fast as we can and hope for the best' meeting? "

    Leader of guild LOTT. Hired Celes when he saw her skills during a brawl with drunken people at a local bar. Tries to woo Celes yet his advances are turned down again and again but he will never give up!
    Can be dependable when the need arises. Best friends with Kalad, Hope and Lamo.

    Survivalists are damaging characters that uses their bow to strike down monsters fast. They can also boost themselves or their allies speed or reduce a monster's accuracy.
    They can be used on either the front or back lines but the back is preferred as they are squishy.

    - Hope the Medic : " Hau~ I fell again.."

    A student under the Master Medic Maiyers, he was taking care of his master's house for Maiyers has left for a trip to Chamarone when he accidentally fell and knocked a potion over himself and turned into a girl.
    He/she now awaits Maiyer's return and hope he can return him/her to normal. In the mean time, he/she helps with the guild's exploration into the Yggdrasil labyrinth. Best friends with Maxim, Kalad and Lamo.

    Medics heal and resurrects the wounded. They also cure status ailments and remove binds done to the party and can increase the party's resistance to all elements.
    Mostly used as back-liners. Can be used in front if you're going for Caduceus, it's damage when used at the back-lines is still pretty decent.

    - Lamo the Dark Hunter: " Dammit, Kalad stop daydreaming and fight dammit!"

    Son of a circus ringmaster, he's the more normal of the guild members along with Celes. His whip skills are unmatched and can do a fair bit of swordplay. Best friends with Maxim, Kalad and Hope

    Dark hunters are agile and can either learn sword skills that inflict status effect or whips that bind parts or a monster's body part (head/arm/leg).
    They are more suited to be in the front-lines.

    - Kalad the Alchemist: "... "

    At the age of 25, he has mastered the elements of Fire, Ice and Thunder. He's a pretty shy fellow, but he has a secret. He's a M and sometimes daydreams watching lamo binding and lashing out at monsters during battles

    Alchemist are mages, along with fire,ice and thunder, they also learn toxins/poison which does a fixed damage.
    They are much needed when monsters resists physical damages.
    They are preferred to be at the back.

    - Hans the Landsknect: "This time it will be my victory!"

    Swordsman of the rival guild of LOTT, guild TEPE. Is hot headed and often butt's head with Lamo. Childhood friend with Hiiragi.

    Landsknect can choose between a sword or an axe. Axe does high damage to 1 target while sword allows them to attack a group of monsters.
    Front-line attackers.

    - Hiiragi the Ronin: "There is nothing my blade can't cut...probably"

    Successor of the Akikaze style technique, she is strong but lacks confidence. Finds support in Hans, childhood friend with Hans.

    Ronin uses katana and can enter stances that either increase their attack /speed and kill monsters with their associated technique.
    They are front-liners.

    - Mint the Troubadour: "My songs will soothe your soul"

    Rina's(Leader of TEPE guild) best friend, she knows what goes through Rina's head and tries to mend things between her and Maxim.

    Troubadours are supportive classes that can sing songs to buff the party. Their buff range from increasing stats like attack, defense or speed to regaining HP or TP.
    Can be placed on either lines,

    - Helen the Hexer: "Be careful what you wish for, it may come back and haunt you one day"

    A mysterious hexer that the 2 guild found in Lost Shinjuku, she helps the guilds through the stratum.

    Hexers can decrease monsters stats like attack, defense, or speed and can inflict status ailments on them. They can also command terrified monsters to do various actions, like attacking the monster's ally or make them suicide.Back-liner

      Spoiler: Comic: 

    For more comics:

      Spoiler: Screenshots: 

    Never heard of Etrian Odyssey? Head on here to attend the class:

    [CENTER]Download links:
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    Never heard of Etrian Odyssey? Head on here to attend the class:

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