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    Mix [100921] [Atlus] Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City (US)

    Title: Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City
    Developer: Atlus
    Publisher: Atlus
    Region: United States
    Release date: September 21, 2010
    Genre: dungeon crawling, strategy RPG
    ESRB: E10+ (10+)

    The embodiment of adventure and discovery in the purest sense, Etrian Odyssey III transports gamers to a sparkling oceanic paradise filled with atmospheric dungeons to chart and survey, vast watery expanses to sail across, and rumors of a sunken city to investigate. Aspiring explorers are responsible for charting their travels utilizing the intuitive touchscreen map editor, meaning that careless cartography could easily spell doom for a fatigued party trying to escape danger. Powerful challenges demand cunning and strategy: players will assemble and fully customize their party of adventurers from a variety of highly specialized classes and sub-classes. For the patient and prepared, fame and fortune await.

    Group: NukeThis (.nfo)

    Code: - Etrian Odyssey III The Drowned City (US).rar

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    re: [100921] [Atlus] Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City (US)

    -Revamped classes! Gladiator, Hoplite, Buccaneer/Pirate, Monk, Ninja, Zodiac, Arbalist, Prince(ss), Farmer, Wildling + 2 unlockables - Shogun and yggdroid!
    -New subclass system give you more planning for character builds, the possibilities are endless!
    -New revamped maps, more icons + a new auto pilot mode!
    -Diverse skill tree! Spent your skill points well, it could make or break you.
    -New in EO3, you can set sail on a boat and chart the sea and do sea quests alone/solo or with friends with local wifi!
    -New limit system! Plan who gets what limit and make your battles easier!

    Classes explained:

    - Alicia the Princess: " Onward ho!!"

    The daughter of King Vexed of the kingdom of Ezlarch, succeeded in her 'escape-from-the-castle-because-it's-boring' plan with help of her loyal subject Triela and had help from the Gladiator Huey. They arrive in Amoroad during their trip and on learning about the labyrinth decides to explore it (Because it seems interesting) .

    Prince/Princess holds an arsenal of buff/debuff related skills and have passive healing skills. They can wear heavy armor and can be place on either the front or back-lines.

    - Triela the Hoplite: "I will do my best, princess."

    Loyal and trusted bodyguard to Alicia, she would follow her anywhere she goes. She can handle a spear pretty well but her strength lies in protecting her friends. Childhood friends with Huey.

    Hoplites wields shields and spears and can wear light/heavy armor. Their main skills involves reducing damage taken by the party/ nullifying damage towards themselves.
    For the offensive types they also have Spear related skills to do damage. Can be placed in either lines as spear deals full damage in the back row as well.

    - Huey the Gladiator: "Here we go again...oh god when will this stop?!"

    Prior to 'Blackmailed' into joining this plan, Huey was a monster hunter of the kingdom. He handles a sword pretty well and he hits hard despite his physique.
    He can cook as he is experienced camping out for a long time and is one of his 'work' in the group. Childhood friends with Triela

    Gladiators are warriors that can equip swords or maces and learn mostly offensive skills. In the 2 main categories, sword tend to attack multiple monsters while maces deal with 1 target for more damage.
    Front-line attackers.

    - Sarah the Arbalist: "Hey Kathy, did you see where the dud smoke grenade i threw went?"

    Elder sister to Kathy. Together they gave a tour of the town to Alicia,Huey and Triela. Upon learning that they were going to investigate the labyrinth. Sarah and Kathy decided to join in the exploration. Seems to like to clinging onto Huey much to Triela's and Kathy's dismay.

    Arbalist equips crossbows and and obliterate single targets with ease. They also can attack groups of monsters with elemental shell barrages and have a powerful mortar to be used in the front-lines.
    Mostly placed in the back but can also be placed in the front.

    - Kathy the Monk: " Hmph."

    Sarah's younger sister. She was taught of Qi by her grandfather who was once a great monk. Gets annoyed quickly especially Huey as she has a 'slight' sister complex and doesn't like it when her sister get too friendly with him.

    Monks are martial-art masters and can use Qi to heal characters. They can also ressurect and cure status ailments/unbind. They can wear light armor or vest/clothes
    They can be placed in the front or at the back.

    - Yuki the Zodiac: "Tonight it will be full of stars again."

    Another local of Amoroad, she first met the group when they needed help with Narmer. She taught Alicia how to imbue elements on weapons and joins the group to look for the Deep city when they defeated Narmer.

    Zodiac's call upon the stars to give them the powers of the elements. They can also deal extra damage if the element they use on monsters are their weak points.
    Mostly put in the back though some have subclassed them with gladiators and put them in the front-lines.

    - Shizuka the Ninja: "Huey sama~ "

    A shinobi of the Iga clan, she came to Amoroad to train in the labyrinth. One day while training in the labyrinth, she was cornered by a Raging tyrant but was saved by Huey and the group. Since then she has been following them from the shadows and only revealed herself to help the group escape from the ancient fish's nest when they were tricked by Olympia. After that she officially joined the group.

    Ninja's are supportive classes that can be placed on either lines. They can make copies of themselves via bunshin which retain all the skills they've learnt.
    They are also the fastest class in the game.

    - Lily the Farmer: "Nothing is more satisfying than watching your much cared plant bloom. "

    One the farmers of the Amoroad Farming Organization, she was hired by the group as their personal gatherer. Her combat capabilities are quite low, but she still helps the group sometimes by binding monsters with her mysterious seeds.

    Farmers are support/field support classes. Their skill allow them to harvest mountains of materials and has skills to avoid monsters entirely or return to the town without the use of a Ariadne thread.

    - Elisa the Buccaneer: "The endless sea is calling out for us"

    Formerly a pirate, she is now tasked to help the group to navigate the seas around Amoroad. At night she can be seen talking with Missy at the Butterfly Bistro while drinking ale.

    Pirates are damage support that can be placed in either lines. They can choose to follow up physical attacks of allies with their rapier or follow up elemental attacks with their guns. Fastest class to gather Limit points.

    - Aisthutha the Wildling: "Let's play together!"

    Friends with Bergman, she was recommended to the group when they helped Bergman for training. Aisthutha can summon all manner of animals and insects, ranging from slimes and moles, to mad cows and lions.

    Wildling rely on their beasts strength in battle. Every beast can inflict different status ailments/binds and can sometimes take damage that are directed to the row they are currently at. Wildings are back-liners and can equip spears.

      Spoiler: Screenshots: 

    Never heard of Etrian Odyssey? Head on here to attend the class:

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    Never heard of Etrian Odyssey? Head on here to attend the class:

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    Re: [100921] [Atlus] Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City (US)

    At first I hated the changes on the job classes. Great game, I hope they continue to create dungeon crawling games.

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