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    [REQ] Soundtrack/OP & ED (LOSSLESS only)

    Hi! Could someone please upload the soundtracks for Queen's Blade, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse and High School DxD in FLAC?

    Please PM if it is no longer possible to uploading the soundtracks for Queen's Blade and Muv Luv. I'm expecting the soundtrack for these two animes to be uploaded. I'm thankful for your work.
    - The SOUNDTRACK audios I want from High School DxD are from High School DxD and High School DxD NEW ONLY!

    It is their OST , not a OP. I don't look for anything except for the FLAC audio of the OP1 High School DxD. About Queen's Blade, I look for the FLAC SOUNDTRACKS from Queen's Blade 1 and 2 (The Exiled Virgin, The Evil Eye). OST! From Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse, I want the FLAC audio for the OP and ED for the anime and the FLAC soundtrack.

    If the soundtracks requested for Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse and Queen's Blade, can't be uploaded, please, at least upload the FLAC audio for the OP1 for Queen's Blade Rebellion and for the OP and ED of MUV-LUV Alternative: Total Eclipse ONLY! All right? Thank you.

    Find the tracklists for every soundtrack there!

    Ps: The main reason that I want them uploaded in FLAC is not because I want it to be uploaded because it's just the soundtracks are just so good and there isn't a way of getting it in FLAC, and that I can't even find them around the web to download it!.. I just can buy them and I can't buy them to do a personal rip. OKAY? I'm not forcing the request or anything like that!~

    OH, and in addition, FLAC is a good sound archive because it provides lossless quality soundtracks!~

    EDIT: I only found FLAC audio for High School DxD NEW OP2 in FLAC >.<
    ZAQ is so interesting <3
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