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    [HorribleSubs] Trinity Seven Movie - Eternity Library and Alchemic Girl [720p | 1080p WEBRip]

    The film's story begins when Arata inadvertently touches "Hermes Apocrypha," Lilith's Grimoire. Suddenly, he is enveloped by a bright white light, and a girl appears before him. She calls herself Lilim, and treats both Arata and Lilith as her parents. At the same time she appears, something changes in the world. The forbidden Eternal Library awakens. In the Library is sealed the ultimate culmination of Alchemy, the White Demon Lord. The White Demon Lord plots to eliminate Arata and the Trinity Seven to usurp the position of Demon Lord. Bristling with untold power, the White Demon Lord attacks Arata, and triggers a desperate crisis where Arata and the Trinity Seven must save the world in this last battle.
    Show Information
    Original Name : 劇場版 トリニティセブン -悠久図書館〈エターニティライブラリー〉と錬金術少女〈アルケミックガール〉-
    Type : Movie
    Year : 2017
    Length : 56 Minutes
    Studio : Seven Arcs Pictures
    Genres : Action, Harem, Comedy, Magic, Romance, Ecchi, Fantasy, School, Shounen
    Info Link :
    File Information
    Group : HorribleSubs
    Video : 1280x720 H264 23.976 FPS | 1920x1080 H264 23.976 FPS
    Audio : Japanese 2.0 AAC
    Subtitles : English ASS Softsubs
    Container : MKV


    Download Links : 720p

    Download Links : 1080p


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