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    Mix [BlurayDesuYo] Under the Dog [720p|1080p BluRay]

    The year is 2025. Five years have passed since the Tokyo Olympic Games were called off after deadly terrorist attacks. An international school run by the United Nations now stands in the former Olympic site on the edge of Tokyo Bay. Seven teenagers with special abilities, known as “Flowers,” are among the students.

    Their student identities are only a cover for their real identities as members of an intelligence organization run by the UN. Their objective is to assassinate other teenagers who have the same abilities.The Flowers have no choice but to complete their missions without fail. Their organization has taken their family members hostage to ensure this. For the Flowers, failure would mean death not only for themselves but also for their loved ones.

    This is the story of their struggle against cruel fate, and of how it is human nature to find hope, however bleak the outlook.
    Show Information
    Alternative Name : UNDER THE DOG EPISODE 0
    Type : OVA
    Year : 2016
    Length : 38 Minutes
    Studio : Kinema Citrus, Orange
    Genres : Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
    Info Link :
    File Information
    Group : BlurayDesuYo
    Video : 1920x1080 H264 23.976 FPS | 1280x720 H264 23.976 FPS
    Audio : Japanese 5.1 FLAC (Main Dialogue) & 2.0 AAC (Commentary) | Japanese 2.0 AAC (Main Dialogue & Commentary)
    Subtitles : English ASS Softsubs (Main Dialogue & Commentary)
    Container : MKV



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