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    JavPlayer - Looking for Unity editor\modder \UPDATE

    I'm not sure if this is correct place for that kind of topic\request but I'm looking for some experienced Unity\DLLs modder to 'fix' a program JavPlayer.
    It's pretty awesome stuff for playing JAV's or hentai 2D-3D anime, but it gives the best results with re-encoding videos using Tecogan [win10 req].

    The only problem is the author decided to add watermark to every enconded video maded by program, to reduce piracy and stuff.
    If Your'e into that stuff u probably noticed a lot of 'leakened' videos popping everyday on nyaa, so i guess it's not really working.

    So here's is my request. Can any modder look into the program data to try delete the function adding watermarks? Or replace it with spaces or something.

    Okay, I found the file. It's *\JavPlayer_Data\level0. I managed to replace copyrights text with spaces in HxD, and it's working.

    Now the only MAC and IP watermarks left.

    /Update 2
    Main watermark:
      Spoiler: Main 

    IP adress:
      Spoiler: IP 

    What's left:

      Spoiler: Left 

    \UPDATE 3
    IP Update:
      Spoiler: IP update 

    Additional: We need to break check IP sites adresses too, showed at the first IP image.

    For the MAC, it's in system.dll. I got the modified version of that file from the user from another forum, pm me if u need it.

    So, yeah, javplayer can now make non-watermarked videos

    This topic can be closed or removed. Thank You and sorry in advance.
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    Re: JavPlayer - Looking for Unity editor\modder

    Thank you for the sharing.
    I can only remove the copyright text form the level0 following the instruction, but not able to remove the IP and MAC address...
    Hope to see a full tutorial for the this.

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