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    [PROBLEM&IDEA] Mod for HS to make Google Cardboard VR is real.

    Hello everyone.
    I have problem and idea to resolve it, but can't carry out, because I'm bad in software programming.
    The problem is that in the Honey Select using very strange render resolution, which does not give to set custom aspect ratio.
    Aspect ratio by default 16:9, but for VR (for one of the most cheaper kind of it) playing needed aspect ratio 8:9 with streching to 16:9.
    It's difficult to explain by words and therefore I will try to show that on pictures.
    What actually have (a lot of distortions):

    How it should be:

    I want to note that the change of resolution to 960 x 1080 and enabling full screen didn't help.
    Unity3d engine have features for auto resizing and blocking stretch mode.
    Manipulations with startup command line also didn't have any result.
    I'm little bit read about Unity and find some methods, which response to change aspect ratio and stretching,
    but I dont know how execute them without compiling dll plugin.
    Anyone on this forum can write and compile mod to adding aspect ratio changing?
    Or it very complicated and will not working?
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