While I have noticed that activity no longer appears to be at high as it once was, I'd still like to disclose a project I finally finished weeks ago. Started this back in 2015 and kept forgetting about it for many moons.

People make Itasha liveries... you know, 2D cartoon girls cut and pasted with tons of text all over their cars like they're "graphic designers"? I said "let's pursue that further and go beyond, because simple C&P is something anyone can do". At this point, I almost rather identify this as an "Art Car".

Started this project est. mid-2015, got left on the side for at least 2 years, resumed it Autumn 2017, weather got cold, waited until May 2018 to resume, finished late-June 2018. I am happy to announce it is finally complete. I've been saying finally a lot lately.

Full blog post with all work involved, pics, story, everything.

Going from a 1/24 Motormax FD with proportion errors in the casting, terrible panel lines, and scratched up windows, I've transformed it with a modified body kit, many paint colours, plenty of decals, plastic bits, exhaust tip, wheelswap, endless amounts of clear coating (with bonus dust embedded inside).

It's loaded with crafting mistakes on my end; inexperience, impatience, learning to let go, etc., but I am still very happy with transforming an idea I have on paper into something tangible. Way cooler than modifying Hot Wheels IMO.

Edit: why the heck not:

Bought the damn figure just so I could get the flower graphics accurate.