For years now since I have planned to make a manga for like 2 - 4 years now. Reading to things like One Piece , Berserk, and countless others that I've read and watched.

I have atleast 4 - 5 main characters for my story but one of them is the hardest to make.

I made a Harem/Action/Adventure/Mature manga ( Still debating of making a harem or not. ), I've created a powerful 10 foot male protagonist for my story. The problem is that I have learned in story/ writing that having a character that at least relates to the reader often helps of connecting and engaging in the story presented to them. The main problem is how am i can i make him a 10 foot man relatable to the reader?
If there any ideas please leave me some advice or at least some reference that

(Also for this Harem I am not planning to make a numbskulled protagonist in my manga filled with beautiful girls trust me..... I know the pains of Infinite Stratos + with many others that I can mention........)

If there is a full list of personalities for males and females that I could reference from?
Can someone send me a link of it?

I know there is like a tons of different and common personalities that animes and mangas usually use. But I am planning to mix and match to create a kind of hybrid personality that I could maybe manipulate to be interesting.

If there is please send a link to me that would help tremendously!
also leave a comment if u guys have a suggestion.