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    Fate/Zero/Stay Night/Grand Order/Whatever else RP! Come join me in this adventure!

    Hello, everyone. I am GrafRoy, a guy that created an account here some months ago and never really did do anything with it. Mostly because I've been busy, mind you (job hunting and then school ain't exactly a good combination, not to mention that I also started writing some kind of stress relief series that now has gone for waaaaaay too long), but now that I am mostly free, I want to join the fray here in AS with a little idea.

    I am a writer. Not a good one, but a writer nonetheless. I tend to write things on whims and such, and this time my whimsical nature has drawn me back to one of my greatest passions of anime, the Fate series, thanks to several pixiv images and whatnot from the game Fate/Grand Order.

    I've been writing alone for some time now, and I'd like to see if someone would like to join me in writing this one as an RP.

    I like to think I am a fairly competent Game Master, and like to give the players the chance to shape their game with big decisions that will affect the story in one way or another.

    Granted, I may disappear at times because of what might be a silly reason or an actual good reason, but I've made myself an Skype and installed the app in my phone, so that people can pester me about the RP's I've left unattended, and also for contacting me if that is also the case.

    Well, anyhow, I've rambled long enough. If you find this interesting or appealing in any one way, do make sure to contact me in Skype. I'm there as GrafRoy, same as here, and I've got a picture of Arsene from Persona 5 in there so that you can spot me more easily.

    The RP would be written in Google Docs, and I shall post part of, let's call it, the 'intro':

    You might be a magician or maybe a simple civilian before all of this.

    Thing is, you are not. At least not any longer.

    Mexico, in an ancient set of ruins, someone discovered something… an object that’s been dormant for far too long, lost during the colonization of the country.

    A system that shouldn’t be touched by men, a God of sorts for an ancient culture…

    The system known by the Mage Society of today as the Holy Grail.

    This one has awakened once more and chosen its Masters to grant them a Servant so they will wage War for the right of a single wish.

    Even so, this doesn’t take from the fact that some overcome by Greed might forcefully take a place as a Master in this war… or that Mages investigating this incident will come to the otherwise poor and small country.

    Who will win this war? Nobody knows. What is the true nature of the Holy Grail unearthed in Mexico? That is another mystery.

    If you want to get to the bottom of this, or just have a wish granted, then gather your strength, gird yourself and be ready….

    For The Holy Grail War Of All Origins.

    Cheesy, I know. Lemme know what you think and Skype me if you are interested! I shall provide a Character Sheet then!

    P.D. Maybe this should go at the beginning, but meh. I don't want you to be experienced. If this thread catches your eye but you haven't RP'ed before, or even written before, feel free to skype me, and I will help you in whatever you need. This is all for good fun, and how serious it will become depends entirely in the players.

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