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Version 0.51 is released!

1) 10 new animations (Ming x PST members);
2) 4 HCGs (gameovers for Kira x Sora / Ouranos / Zero / Sentry Robots);
3) Mini-map (it can affect the performance of the game, so it's disabled by default for now);

Fixed bugs/improvements:
1) V-Sync is enabled by default during the first game launch - turning on V-Sync solves issues with overheat and fixes framerate;
2) The usage of Vulkan API is disabled for Android by default to make the application more stable;
3) Belly inflation movement speed debuff can be disabled, better inflation controls in Settings window;
4) Fixes for Spanish HUD translations;
5) New stat (Lust) is introduced for every character. It can be increased by watching character's romance scene in Command Center, by losing HoloJack minigame with him/her, and by having lots of sexual interactions during missions;
6) Updated relationship indicators for the characters in Command Center;
7) Updated loading screen window;
8) Bugfixes.

Teaser for the second game: