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    [NSFW Game] Guilty Force: Wish of the Colony

    I'm not sure if these kinds of self-promotions are permitted, but I would give it a try. If this is against the rules, please do not hesitate to remove the thread.

    Hi everyone! A few people may remember me as a developer from Black Star, a short fan-made remake of Grimhelm’s game, Dark Star.

    So time has passed, things have changed and I decided to gather a new team and make my own, original hentai game - and I have the first demo ready for the public.

    With an international team of veterans and talented newcomers, this 2.5D sci-fi/cyberpunk platformer focuses on side-scrolling platforming action, multiple approaches in gameplay with a branching optional visual novel storyline that is sure to entertain with a lively, unique and diverse cast of characters.

    Guilty Force is a blend of both classic western and anime influences that bring a fresh look to a familiar genre, inspired by media both new and classic, such as Deus Ex, Mass Effect and more!

    Trailer (Newgrounds)

    With sexy women and men alike to approach, extensive weapon options and optional depth, Guilty Force can become your new guilty pleasure! Play Kira and find her missing teammates while investigating Corporation Z and their private colony.


    Languages: English, Russian, Chinese (currently only Traditional, but Simplified is in progress)

    • Group sex
    • Double penetration
    • Lesbian sex
    • Toys
    • Inflation (optional)

    Sex scene screenshots:

    Public demo contents:
    • 10 in-game sex animations [Stage 1];
    • 3 gameover HCGs [Stage 1];
    • 1 romance scene HCG with Sigolla;

    Each set of animations and gameover HCGs will be unlocked by completing each game stage, you don’t have to lose in order to unlock all in-game animations/gameover HCGs!

    Downloads (public version 0.11):

    Win x32 (MEGA, 373 Mb, 7z)

    Win x64 (MEGA, 374 Mb, 7z)

    Mac (experimental, x86 + x86_64) (MEGA, 584 Mb, zip)

    Linux (experimental, x86 + x86_64) (MEGA, 594 Mb, zip)

    The word “Experimental” means that we consider that the game can run on this platform, but we didn’t have the ability to test all aspects of the game on that platform. Better ability to test Linux builds is coming soon. WINE may be a good alternative if the current Linux build doesn’t work.

    WASD/Directional keys - movement & jump/crouch, hacking mini-game control;
    Left/Right Shift - sprint;
    Tab - character menu (Left Mouse Button - open item/upgrade menu);
    Z - shoot; R - reload;
    X, X/V - melee attack, execute/stun;
    C + Directional keys - Aim and throw a grenade or another object;
    E/Q- dragging bodies / interaction;
    1..6 - quick access menu;
    N - zoom (in-game);
    Esc - pause menu

    Cheats: click 3 times on Caron's boobs in main menu.

    Videos (Pornhub):

    Full combat Stage 1 walkthrough + romancing Sigolla;

    Stealth walkthrough & Non-lethal walkthrough [cutscenes are skipped];

    You can support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar

    If you have problems with paying on Patreon because of a payment decline, which could be caused by paying with prepaid card/etc. - please read this section of blog.

    Thanks for your time!

      Spoiler: Changelog (version 0.11): 
    • Chinese (Traditional) localization (Early access-please proceed with caution! (currently only Traditional, but Simplified is in progress) )
    • New grenades: sleeping gas, poison gas, smoke, flashbang, EMP. Also there is a new, non-lethal tool for enemy distraction – small stones. The ballistics and damage dealing mechanics for HE grenade was improved. These tools provide more options for a stealthy or non-lethal/pacifist walkthrough;
    • Kira can grab and move bodies of stunned/dead enemies. She can also hide them in dark doorways to prevent detection; be aware! She moves slowly while dragging!
    • There is a new separate slider in Settings menu for male voice volume in sex scenes. The frequency of male voice effects appearance in sex scenes was reduced by 30%;
    • A bunch of different improvements in Stage 1 level design: more and better lit doorway locations, new terminals for hacking and disabling cameras, etc.;
    • +25% sprint speed;
    • -25% camera detection speed;
    • Hacking mini-game can now also be controlled by W/S keys, too, making it more convenient to play

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    Re: [NSFW Game] Guilty Force: Wish of the Colony

    Version 0.12a is released for our Agents! You can get it here on Patreon:

    Full changelog (0.12a):

    • Stages 1.1 and 1.2;
    • 10 new sex animations, 2 new enemies, a decoy device pole dance scene with Kira;
    • Android port;
    • Cover system (sit behind the special cover object to make detection speed of Kira slower). The enemy will find you if he/she touches you and it doesn’t work during alarm;
    • Vertical gameplay - grab the special pipes and jump from them, directional keys automatically will do the job. It may help to avoid some enemies;
    • Hold [Shift] to roll out during crouching, rolling out will deplete your stamina bar;
    • Hold [Z] during inter-level cutscenes to fast-forward cutscene playback, press [Z] to jump to the next dialogue phrase during in-game cutscenes;
    • Press [~] to access the cheats menu. Using cheats will take your affection bonuses away from the current mission.
    • Two new guns and a decoy device;

    Fixed bugs/improvements:
    • 90% of dialogues were a little bit modified by me to make them sound more emotional and understandable. starryGrail is temporarily out of the core team due to health condition;
    • [ Z ], [ C ],[ X ], [ V ] keys were duplicated to [ B ], [ G ], [ N ], [ M ] keys to make the gameplay more comfortable on keyboard;
    • In-game HUD was made more intelligent to occupy less space on the screen;
    • Sex scene mini-game was updated;
    • The loading time for the levels was significantly decreased because of additional optimization;
    • Linux: fixed double-jump;
    • "Graphics quality" setting was added to the Settings, so if your Android device is OK with Android port performance, you can make the game look there almost like it looks on PC.
    • Other minor bug fixes.

    Stay tuned for updates!

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    Re: [NSFW Game] Guilty Force: Wish of the Colony

    Version 0.13 is available for our Agents:

    The saves of version 0.12a are compatible with this version.

    Full changelog (0.13):

    • 5 new lewd animations, Sigolla decoy device, incendiary grenade;
    • Weapon customization: sights, extended mags, silencer, and other goodies. You will be able to find some spare parts for it on Stages 1.1 and 1.2;
    • New secondary characters are introduced: Joanna, Thomas, Mateo, Alonso, and Szymon;
    • New Z-chip upgrades: 2 active and 3 passive upgrades;
    • Full keyboard-only control support;
    • Xbox 360 gamepad support (Windows axis mapping);
    • You can toggle mobile mouse-only controls in Settings on PC/Mac/Linux platforms now. This feature was intended for Microsoft Surface and multi-touch, but some people who like to play with a mouse might find it useful, too.
    • Kira x Sigolla decoy device will be added to your inventory each time when you play sex scene with Sigolla;
    • Hold [Shift] to slide down faster when using the pipes;

    Fixed bugs/improvements:
    • The lighting settings for all levels were modified to look brighter and providing a better look at low powered PCs and mobile devices;
    • The hacking minigame was fixed and the player can speed up the minigame by holding right movement key. The highest level of Hacking upgrade allows to slow down the minigame when you see fit;
    • Control map for keyboard, gamepad, and some information about the advanced movement was added to Settings->Help menu;
    • The short artificial delay was added for some action UI to avoid allowing the player to drag bodies faster than it was intended;
    • Clothing restoration item is no longer activated when having an undamaged suit;
    • Quick access panel bug with swapping activated skill for an item is fixed;
    • Android: fixed missing input issues for Stage 1.1 and Stage 1.2;
    • Other minor bug fixes.

    Stay tuned for updates, thanks for your patience!

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