I've been developing a short "point and click" HGame in the "sleep molestation and rape" category much like RE154469 or RE141775.

Game Information:
It's going to have
  • 8 animations for you to manipulate the character,
    6 items of clothing to remove
    2 neurtral/static animations,
    3 end cards for completing the game modes(Regular, Timed, Hard and Free)
    and a final rape animation.

I've been working with an artist to do this since I'm a programmer with little skill at drawing.
It's designed entirely in C++ with SDL2 so it doesn't use gamemaker, flash or anything like that.
I'm more interested in the quality of the game engine(smooth framerates etc)than making a quick buck with easy software.
Though I found Orgasm-Girl back in the wayback then a fun game, from what I've read, people find these kind of games very

hard so I'll be trying to keep that in mind.

My blog is: erocorvid.blogspot.ca/
My artist's blog is: sunsetniva.com/
I'm only ever going to use patreon as a way to handle pre-orders. Mostly since I don't know a different way.
That being said though, my artist's patreon is very undervalued, consider donating to her.

Release Date:
I'm looking at a mid-March release.

Game Making Philosophy:
I've always loved action HGames since I played them on Newgrounds and games like Artificial Girl 3 cemented that love of hentai for me.
What interests me most about the genre is the aspect of self insertion and being able to fulfill desires that are impossible in the real world without consequence.
I feel that this industry is trying to shut itself behind paywalls, becoming more secretive about how their process works. As we do this less people are learning about how to
make hentai games and less newcomers are learning the joys of hentai.
Hentai is supposed to be shared and while I want to make a living off of erotic games I feel we're losing the communal spirit of Newgrounds that made our flash games so great.
I have no problem with the piracy of my games as long as you let me shill on your blog and I don't starve.
I'd like to delve into indie VR development one day, but I'm starting small with a simple 2D game that I hope you will enjoy.

Download Version 0.2.0:
Version 0.2.0 : mega.nz/#!XhxgHLBb!XSu-fvg12hbuJbI1CTO1-cpjlgz3Gl9KKpnyHY8XC4E
todo by mid-march: Character sound, lose and victory plot, 3 end cards, a bunch of animations, the final animation, one song and test/tweaking gameplay.

If there are any bugs, please tell.
It was made on Windows 7 and runs on 10 so it should work fine.