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    [Japanese/日本語] Never7 ~ the end of infinity ~

    Never7 ~ the end of infinity ~
    For Windows

    Official Website
    VNDB Entry
    Game Type: Adventure
    Release Date: 2001.10.26
    Producers: K.I.D. (now 5pb.) & Regista
    Platform: Microsoft Windows
    Catalogue Code: Unknown
    Upload Type: Original Images (2 .CCD CD ROMs)
    Archive Format: GNU tar + LZMA (LZip)

    Download (Google Drive) (1-Part)
    Combined Checksum: SHA-1 ae12efc00b300b38c41e4aa966e84df0dcc0c568

    The first entry in KID's acclaimed "Infinity" series. This version of the game combined the original Play Station game "Infinity"'s assets with the extra scenarios the Neo Geo Pocket's port "Infinity Cure" added and went so far as to make a kind of level editor by allowing players to import custom scripts through a new "Append" feature.

    Unfortunately, this copy of the game doesn't contain the third Soundtrack Disc required to load music. The original uploader mustn't have tested the game and assumed it was just some sort of bonus feature. I'm searching for it right now.
    Without the soundtrack disc, no BGM will play. Don't ask me for it, because I don't have it yet.
    If I ever find it, I will update my post.

    If you're using Windows, you'll probably want to install this 7zip plugin as 7zip is unable to deal with lzip archives by default. If you'd rather not install a proprietary extension, I'd recommend you install lzip along with some convenient front-end program like atool to deal with archives through CygWin.
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