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    Happy new year, Kitty!!!
    And a healthy and peaceful year for you and your family!!!
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    I like your profile pic ^ ^ kawaii desu ! ~ <3
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    Happy birthday ^ ^
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    Part2: (argh these character limits, tired of em, they have to almost always be 'almost' enough, but not quite.)
    Where do you live now ? Sry to hear that, sounds like some not so nice experiences, what happened back then ? and why couldn't you see certain people ? Sounds a bit like you had to move to your mothers after a divorce, and now moved back to your father perhaps. I remember a time in my life when I had to move with my mom, pretty far away from my school and friends, though I got myself back pretty fast høhø.
    Is your dad a "hip" kinda guy for giving his cat such an unusual name, or maybe you had something to do with it ?
    A 4 year old with socks on her hands jumping from a chair into a wall.....I'm sure that must have looked pretty innocent and cute looking, besides breaking your arm ofc.
    For some reason the 2nd of the 2 pics I posted last time didn't show up, so here it is, seeing as I'm too "stubborn" to just let it pass up.
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    Aih it really was, the only cat I've ever had, (well me and my family back when we where one and I lived home) And I've longed to have a cat again, but it's almost as I feel I would be cheating. (yeah thank you, now I made myself sound like a crazy grandma, the type with 16 cats living alone in the cornfields with a shotgun.)
    As if I would just replace my loved cat with an other one, I mean I'd feel almost guilty if I thought he knew I got an other cat to replace him to hug and give me some kitty company, eh I mean that as if my cat would look down on me from heaven or something. I'm luckily not allergic to anything, I mostly wore black clothes when I was younger, still tend to do, so I was always full of long white hairs, and so was the couch! Yeah I'm Norwegian. I don't look like a viking though, or wear a horned helmet screaming Fus Ro Dah, at least for the moment :j
    rly. I use wifi too, and, it's my neighbors, dejavu, did I mention that already ? It magically sucks up ALL the time, all the time..sigh.
    I know quite a long article, didn't read all of it either, but it was quite interesting the first time I came across it, since I had never imagined such a thing before I first came across it. You should probably start to recognize yourself, feeling the strange attraction to the smell of cat urine yet xDD Someone should start selling cat urine parfume/cologne then if such a high degree of ppl are affected lol I can already imagine the commercial on tv: "The new aphrodisiac and fragrance for men, by BOSS. 100% undiluted cat urine, the girls will go crazy about you like crazy cats in heat. Disclaimer: only works on those infected and not recommended wearing in job interviews, or places with lots of cats."
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    Continued since I run out of space.
    All in all, our cat was a giant white furball hugging machine. He was also put down at his later stages of life, and I never had a cat since. Oh and, where probably all infected by it...we might be forced to like them, clever: Something you would def find interesting to know if you bother reading some of it.

    Tiger style switchblade, thats quite a name. Didn't expect that name to originate from anyones father.
    Aih, a break is sometimes delightful, I just spent the whole weekend without being online, but that was only because I lost my connection. And in that time I was able to do some stuff I needed too do anyway. heh, I don't think it sounds so crazy, you where a kid after all, and even so, accidents do happen, kid or not "} A kitty with broken arm, awh. How old where you then ? Well... I kinda had a similar imagination when I was a kid....climbing threes and lying on the branches relaxing and watching others. Makes me only think more about the article I posted above now... Except I've never broken anything my whole life, no matter what I went trough I always got away unscathed, or at least unbroken in one piece, as if I had bones of steel. I could be beaten up yellow and blue, but never a broken bone. I did happen to be 'huge' on milk as a kid though.
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    Yupp. That was my general impression or thought as well. Just without claiming anything, since I don't know, but it was weird, as if he saw something that was not visible to the human eyes or normal range of human perception. Our cat was big and all white with a pink nose and ears, and long haired fur. A white Norwegian Forest cat:
      Spoiler: how they look 

    We never came up with a proper name so we just called him puus, which in Norwegian is just an other word for cat, or rather ...pussy-{minus the cat part ><} Though my mom called him snowwhite often iirc. And he was just opposite of china clearly, cause he was love sick all the time. He got taken a way from his mother when he was a kid a little bit too early, so he got this unusual habit, since when he was young, he would start to suck if he could feel your nipple, regardless if you where a boy or girl ofc. That and body heat. So in other words, If I let him sleep top of my while I lay on the couch, he would first start purring real loud, at least if I patted him while he lay there. Then I would feel his nails coming out, he would by then already have crawled up to "nipple" position so that he could feel it trough the t-shirt, and yeah...., he would start drooling ! So that afterwards there would be a big wet spot on the shirt. It was only when he was young he actually started sucking the nipple, but as he grew up he stopped that. Even though he still would like to be near, and either lay with his head on the chest, or press his face into the armpit....Would have been a hit on youtube I'm sure, but back then I never even heard of it, nor so do I think it existed. Happen to find this:
      Spoiler: why we fid cats cute 
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    Hey there again. Been busy the last days ? I just saw "The Great Gatsby" tonight. Thought it was a thought evoking movie.
    Yeah I heard both that as well. And have heard both the medical version and the spiritual one. Since I am a spiritual kind of person myself, I don't disregard that side of the possibility at all, yet I wouldn't claim to know anything about that particular time. People who experience it from what I've read often times report a "presence" and I believe that if some kind of presence/entities would want to do something, who's to say that the way they/it would do it wouldn't perhaps be trough a natural way by manipulating the physical and be able to have a logical and medical explanation for the phenomena.

    You know I've had a really even weirder thing happening before that some years before when I was still in child school. Basically something similar happened then, except I wasn't paralized, I went up in the middle of the night into the living room, and there sat our big white cat snearing/hissing out into the air in the living room in the dark with no one else there. He never acted like that any other time, always just lazy and cozy lying on the couch all day. My cat always did love me a lot, and likewise...I miss it. Do ppl think their mean ? :o Well I guess ppl that get grumpy over singing cats in the night hahaha. charming. I thought I mentioned it but, I'm a cat person myself also, it's not like I really got a problem with dogs it's just not "me". I imagine cats just sitting there, looking, seeing how dogs acting and thinking...."sigh, stupid dog."
    Hmm they wanna bark at you and bite you for no reason. Your a kitty after all~.
    And he's like a dog eh...Thinking about the characteristics of dogs...rofl Probably couldn't be helped┐(⌒▽⌒)┌
    Probably a good idea, I think you'll find it easier after a certain while, once you have learned enough to actually start using it. Like a bit of a stark learning curve at the beginning.
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    Actually what I just said above, was part of an experience I once had a long time ago, I woke up one night after having a real intense nightmare, all sweat, tense and startled. I had this feeling like I was not alone in the room you know, like there was something looking at me right to the left of my head at the side of the bed. And I couldn't move a muscle, I wanted to really bad but was completely paralized. After a lot of calming down and just waiting for the rest of my body to "wake up" also. I was finally able to turn my head to the left.....And the first thing I saw was two big yellow bulging eyes starring right into mine Pfff sake. My cat had apparently just been sitting there eyeballing me the whole time lol, but I was darnhappy to know it was just neko who had been sitting so close I though I could literally feel someone breathing at me, and now I knew why. Ended with a smile, pat and a kiss on the forhead, glass of something to drink, and back to bed. And a very content looking cat xD

    Yoru is the kind of char that has a lot of ....'Spank/energy' just to summarize and isn't afraid to live life, yes, So I guess Orange suits her as I regard it as very frank, daring, and energetic.

    わたし も べんきょう です
    In English should be:
    "Watshi mo benkyou desu"

    Which should mean: I study it too

    I recommend "Michael Thomas method", at least thats what I've listened some to. (audio tapes)
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    Sounds like you took a peek at my longwinded profile indeed heh. I might even start to wonder if I really write it for others, or just myself, I bet even knowing that none or few is going to read it, I suspect I would just go ahead and do it anyways. Can sometimes feel good just getting something down on the "paper" at times I think, not rly sure, I suspect it might have something to do with me still being in the process of getting to know my own self in life.

    Thanks for the chill effect, making me easy, sounds only even more like yoruichi, except she'd probably just kidnap my cat (if I still had one that is), replace it with herself and spy relentlessly...xD Making sure that if I wake up at night I'll be starring straight into two big yellow eyes at the edge of the bed giving me miniature heart attacks, and haunting conscience for not "reporting" in sooner hah. And ofc then when I do "get back, she'd pretend to not even care until she hands over my actual cat back hahaha xD My imagination just runs rampant from so little sometimes (>.<)
    Continuation >part2
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