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    Hey! Long time no see! Happy Holidays to yourse--

    I've been pretty busy lately, and never really got a chance to relax when I went home for winter vacation, and now it's already time to go back to school x_x;

    Regardless, yes, I'm still hating on weebs, but not as actively. Quite frankly, I can only manage to finish a title in only a week on average since I'm so busy with work and real-life stuff. I guess even I have to suffer through the "real life crap" just like everyone else, haha.

    Keep it chill! Hating on weebs is fine, but it just takes up so much effort and time!
  2. well... HF was still okay when Lisa and Hongfire still hold the top of the power, after Lisa leave the place at the end of 2009, most of the mods are start abusing their authority which leads hongfire banned all the download and torrent section.

    Zvezda? 2 words to describe it... "LOVE IT"
  3. well... the only akakimajyo i ever used is when i was still in HF... after that, i hardly using the name anymore...
  4. nah... the nick was probably already belong to someone else before i even use it... i can see many akakimajyos in japanese sites!
  5. well... i already dropped the name... looks like someone succeed the name, so if you ever saw the name, that's probably wont be me anymore...
  6. uh oh... who is this? how did you know the name???
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    hmm Sora did butcher her hair, right?
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    I'm pretty sure that's Yukinoshita aka Yukinon
    But erm....*gulp* those kneesocks...and thighs......
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    Luluna asked for it almost with a poker-face...and without any hint of shame whatsoever. The situation will only escalate if he says no (or so he thought...when he pictured Luluna going around asking that thing from someone else)...

    "The Ransom is her Freedom" is just something I came up on the scene with Mei talking with her father over the phone - one who refuses to let his daughter go astray at any cost, perhaps to a fault.
    I thought something along the line of...If we get something along this line, but instead we have the protag. stage a kidnap to get her out and leak the news that she is actually kidnapped. When asked for ransom he would say "Her freedom". Family matters best left within family, but I can't resist going along that line... Contradiction...I love it.
    This 'oppressive' thinking when I read things had been in my head for a long time...guess I got that in my younger days when I was messing with some manga mag with my best friend... We twisted some action manga (Bleach and Naruto were among them) into a totally perverse story along the line that people fights with willies, Semyon Guschin, and so on, and I did dabble into that myself (but never do it as well as he can). That said, his first handiwork was a chapter of Mx0 that involved sleeping cactus. It was just a simple nipple-filling...on every single panel the girls were outfitted with visible nipples...

      Spoiler: It's through the roof! 

    Miina's just dere but no tsun. But tsundere is not my main interest.
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    The tank commander is basically the eye of each individual tanks...he's the one who pops his head out and have a look. And yes, Tanks got to go off-road when it needs to, and no, I am having an almost absolute disinterest in anime and manga alike.

    While I actually lost a family member recently, what I was talking about there is my very life. Having to watch every step, watch every words, watch every action, watch others' action, to stay away from bullies, to make it out of school from day to day.

    NA server's of WoWP got a lot of bad reputation to even begin with, and population is dwindling, the game's riddled with problems and bugs...EU server apparently got 5k people at peak compared to 1.5k-2k of NA.

    Yes, by heavy fiction, is something along that line...I think it's just my oppressive sense at work...the 'art' of sapping the story out of a story, kill the tension, and move onward with no tension. Tension turns me off more than on for me, contrary to common belief. Say...I left Karumaruka Circle on hold and went on to finish Moteyaba first exactly because of that - there's a lot of tension on each arc...and I expect the true route to be even worse, judging from the EVCGs.
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