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  1. nah, dw about it, later today gonna send, bastard's pretty big, 6 gb so will take osme time.
  2. I tried yuzu and it is pretty inconsistent with different stuff. Some run okay, some don't run at all. If you are going out of your way to find the switch version, then don't. I don't think I will be able to enjoy it properly. Thanks for the help. I would be hoping the PC version can be uploaded sometime in future.
  3. i think you can emulate it pretty good ? If you have time, search for switch emulator FAQ, if it's decent i will get you the game.
  4. Sorry, I only own PC. But thanks.
  5. I can get switch version
  6. Hi, is there a possibility of getting this: ?
  7. Hi, would you happen to have ?

    This is the Windows port of Memories Off 1-5 + 2 Side Story VNs.
  8. Thanks again.
  9. Hi, would you happen to have Green Green's Kanenone Dynatic ~GuriGuri~ version (that was a PC port of the PS2 version containing 9 heroines). It was uploaded here but the links are dead and uploader is no longer active.
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